Must have Beauty Products, Part 1

When it comes to beauty products of any kind, I have tried them all. In my midst of my quest, a few of the winners have stood out. The ones I go back to get….and back….and back to buy after the fact.

Lip gloss: The beauty of lip gloss is truly never ending. It moisturizes your lips leaving them shiny while its flavor is tasty. You can put it on anywhere without a mirror and the array of colors from nude to dark reds is amazing. Where as lipstick can leave marks all over your teeth or an unsightly rim around your lips as it wears off. The best thing about lip gloss is that it is perfect for kissing. While lipstick will leave you and your partner wearing matching lip enhancement, lip gloss simply spreads the color thinly as it lubricates each lover’s lip.


~Bath and Body Works Liplicious Lip Gloss

*Favorite type this season: Cranberry Cocktail, Cherry Vanilla, and Fruit Punch.

Lotion: Now that winter is officially here, your skin will be running screaming from the dryness. You must moisturize your skin. It will leave your skin feeling incredibly “touch me” soft. The best thing is that if you pick the right type of lotion, you will smell simply delightful to the next person you come in contact with. I’m talking about body lotion which is a creamer and heavier lotion type (slightly greasy). This is not to be confused with hand lotion which is light and relatively has no smell. Use a body lotion to lather your skin after a shower from head to toe and a separate hand lotion for your hands and feet throughout the day.


~Bath and Body Works Signature Collection Classics Body Cream.

-This stuff is exactly what I was talking about above, heavy lotion for your body with a heavy perfume.

*Favorite type: Exotic Coconut, Moonlight Path, Sweet Pea, Brown Sugar and Fig, Cherry Blossom…I could go on and on.

~Victoria Secret’s Garden Collection Ultra-Softening Body Butter

-A body lotion that is lighter than the one above but still gets the job done.

*Favorite type: Love Spell

~Bath and Body Works Breath 24/7 Moisture Boost Lotion

-Functions well as a perfumed hand lotion and that you can place at strategic points around the house.

*Favorite type: Breath Romance

~Vaseline Lotion

-Best hand lotion ever. Simple yet perfect.

*Favorite type: Total Moisture

I promise you I am not a spokeswoman for Bath and Body Works, they just have products that surprisingly work incredibly well in this area!


2 thoughts on “Must have Beauty Products, Part 1

  1. Bobbi says:

    I love Bath and Body Works Liplicious Lip Gloss. It works just like you descibe it and i’m dying to try Bath and Body Works Breath 24/7 Moisture Boost Lotion!

  2. becca says:

    OMG, I love Victoria Secret’s Body Butter… I should go buy some today!
    Also thank you for the Vaseline Lotion suggestion. It is such a great hand lotion!

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