Ways to Save Money Part I

In hard economic times, saving money is on everyone’s mind. It’s on that old priority list. However, the problem comes with the “how” part. Here are a few ways to save money in all areas of your life that will benefit your finances in no time.

Cable: Simply cut it off. Re-watch all those old DVD’s that you have lined up in your living room. Most television shows and sitcoms are available to be seen free on the Internet. Hulu is an incredible website that offers a multitude of movies and shows that you can view freely. Visit the network of your show to see if they have whole episodes available online. If they do not, pick up a new show that has episodes online. Cutting off your cable is an easy move that gives you extra money this month.

Cell Phone: Call up your company and check out your account. If you have an excess of unused minutes each month on your phone, you can reduce your minutes. The end result is a smaller bill. The beauty of this is that you are not changing any of your current habits. Instead, you’re trimming the fat off of your cellular account. You’ll stop paying extra money out of your pocket monthly and put it back into your hands. Furthermore, it might be time to switch networks. If most of the people you are talking to on your cell phone are all on one network, you can obtain “free in network calls” by switching to that network. In-network calls do not waste any of your minutes. You will save money by switching and can further reduce the number of minutes you pay for each month.

Insurance: From car to health insurance, you need to shop around. Call around to a number of places and make sure you know who is offering the best price for the policy you want. If you have a longstanding account, call up your current insurance provider and ask for a new quote. This can save you a few hundred dollars and will only take you a little bit of time. Insurance companies offer new deals every month. See if you strike a deal with them. You can also change policies mid-coverage. That means you can switch to a different health insurance without having to wait for your policy to expire. Shop around within your own company and outside of it every now and then to ensure you are still getting a fair price for your money.


2 thoughts on “Ways to Save Money Part I

  1. Bobbi says:

    I agree, cutting out cable is a big money saver. Its a pain to deal with if you move around often too. I’d rather watch shows on my copmputer

  2. Becca says:

    I think cutting out cable is a great idea! I have had cable for about a year now and I hardly watch it now. I think I would be happier renting/buying movies instead.

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