Ways to Save Money Part 2

In hard economic times, saving money is on everyone’s mind. It’s on that old priority list. However, the problem comes with the “how” part. Here are a few ways to save money in all areas of your life that will benefit your finances in no time.

Credit Cards: The Big Sister who always lends us money. They’re someone you love to hate. This is important if you have multiple cards you are paying every month. When you make a payment, remember to pay an average of ten dollars over the minimum limit. This will get your credit score healthy and is simple to do. Instead of trying to pay off multiple cards slowly, channel bigger payments to one card. When you pay off that one card, your credit limit will increase which results in an increase in your credit score as well. Keep your credit score happy.

Food: The advice always is “eat at home to save money.” However wonderful that philosophy is, it’s not practical. Instead when you eat out, split meals with your partner. Serving sizes in restaurants are bigger and bigger these days. There is enough food and calories on most plates to feed two people. Try it and you will cut that bill in half. When you do cook at home, make enough food for leftovers. The biggest problem people face when trying to eat at home is time. They don’t have the time it takes to cook food after a long day, especially not if you are already famished. A good solution is to make large quantities when you do have the time to cook so you have a few leftovers to last you at least a couple of days. Furthermore, save some of your ingredients from one dish and throw into tomorrow’s dinner to save time.

Gas: Every time you arrive at the gas station, it’s a new price. A higher new price. Not only is that personally agitating, your wallet is grumbling along side you. There a few simple ways you can help extend your gas tank and get more bang for your buck. When your driving along, it’s best for your gas mileage to accelerate and decelerate slowly. Basically, try to avoid slamming on your brakes and ramming your foot down hard every time the light turns green after a stop. This is more difficult as both of these habits can be quite cathartic after a long day when you’re on your way home. If you are driving a stick, use the clutch when you can to let the momentum of the car push you forward. You can also keep your RPM’s low by shifting gear more frequently. Lower RPM’s translate to more gasoline saved. Getting an oil change not only keeps your car running but it improves the overall efficiently of your engine. Finally, make sure your tires aired up. This increases traction to give you the best transfer of energy from the tire to the road.


4 thoughts on “Ways to Save Money Part 2

  1. Bobbi says:

    Great advice. Also the farmers market is a great place to save money! I need to work on the gas milage saving tip;)

  2. Linda says:

    New ways to save money is great! I’d rather keep the money in my pocket.

  3. Becca says:

    I need to try out sharing a meal with my fiance when going out! Thanks!

  4. Heather says:

    Also to save on gas I wait until I have a few errands to do before I go out. It takes a lot less gas and time to do a few errands together than in individual trips!

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