Let us eat cake

Strawberry goodness in every bite

If you listen to the “news” you would think the world is ending. For one thing, we’re killing the environment. This world will never ever be the same. Ironically, that is the nature of the earth. Nothing is the same. Arguably so, we are leaving an artificial litter dent that takes away from nature’s beauty and the fellow inhabitants, including us.

Every one except politicians or policy shareholders are poor. Jobs are scarce. As if money wasn’t already tight, we found out it can always get that much harder. Now that our short term, long term future, and descendent future is in trouble, let’s move on to what else is really worrying the average American.

We’re fat. Not just overweight but an increasing number of people are becoming morbidly obese. We’re all going to be “Walle’s.” Big rolls of blubber that only exercise their arms so they can reach for more food. The best part of that movie is the new take on robots. They didn’t take over the world, we made them the housemaids. At least, it presented a view that is humorous.

By the way, we are also surrounded by chemicals and pollution in our water. Our food is chemically altered, slapped with pesticides and/or preservatives, and then shipped to a store for us. Sure you can buy local. That organic apple is now $50 which should be easy considering the fact that we have even less money.

And by the way, all of that man made stuff in our foods and the fact that we have become sloths gives us a pretty long list of ailments from cancer to diabetes to infertility to restless leg syndrome.

Yet, we’re living longer. The people who live over 100 years of age are increasing every day. Now, we’re a bunch of confused Homer Simpsons.

We’re also incredibly violent which can be seen from the basic television ads to the high crime rates. This only shows us that as humans, we have no boundaries. Maybe since we are all headed for calamity, we like to watch it on our television screen.

This is enough truly terrifying information to make a five year old experience chest pains. The sad thing is that we are bombarded every day with it. The media outlets especially like to remind everyone where the suffering is and what else we need to worry about. Do that on your Monday through Friday. But on Saturday, try something different.

“Take a break from your problems” and enjoy a slice of cake. Don’t worry about the calories. I’m not saying eat the whole cake or wash it down with five brownies. Do take the time to enjoy some of the best things in life. Hiking, reading, laughing, snow, and cake. We’re all different people. Don’t worry about the money you used to buy the cake. Instead, channel it towards other things such as the third purse you bought this month. Don’t worry if it has high fructose corn syrup or red dye #40. Just close your eyes and enjoy. Don’t worry about whether or not its dinner or dessert for you. You’ll make up your mind later. You’re ok as long as you don’t do this everyday. I promise. If you do avoid little life pleasures like these, your taking away the only thing we have left. Our humanity.


3 thoughts on “Let us eat cake

  1. Bobbi says:

    Yes, take time to smell the roses in life. Relax and laugh, laugh and laugh some more

  2. Heather says:

    You’re right, I am going to get a piece of cake after work today!

  3. Linda says:

    I agree, we all need more joy in our lives even with all of the serious issues we face everyday.

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