Must have Beauty Products, Part 3

When it comes to beauty products of any kind, I have tried them all. In my midst of my quest, a few of the winners have stood out. The ones I go back to get….and back….and back to buy after the fact.

Skin: Gone are the days where milky white skin was revered. Instead, you need that “I’ve been basking in the sun all day long” look to blend in these days. With the summer approaching, the topic of ways to make your skin look tan is important. In the 90’s, you literally did spend a few hours in the sun. Unfortunately, if you’re not fond of wrinkles or skin caner, everyone retreated inside to the tanning salons. Problem solved right? Nope. Tanning salons still use UV light. UV light causes DNA damage. Your skin’s cells response to this is to produce more melanin. The color compound that makes your skin darker. That means the natural act of tanning is damaging. The only solution is to avoid the sun and salon’s and get your tan from a can. The only problem here if you have tried traditional tanning creams is that they leave you looking orange. Not to mention the fact that your “tan” rubs off on your pillows and clothes and the questionable chemicals in self-tanners. But do not despair: there is light at the end of this tunnel. Organic tanning creams. The one below is used by Kristen Davis from Sex and the City. She used it to give her skin that sunglow while producing her latest movie Couples Retreat. It applies a lot of color with just one application and does not smear on your skin.

*Try: Chocolate Sun Sunless Tanning Cream

-Just a note on this one: When you apply it, it produces a “tingling sensation.” That means it burns a little which is important depending on who you are.

Eyelashes: Having the right eyelash curler is a must if you want your eyes to stand out. The problem with most applicators, especially the metal ones, is that they pinch your eyelid. Moreover, other applicators do not lift your eyelashes enough to bring out the desired effect for a long period time, making you have to pull out your applicator every few of hours. Plastic eyelash curlers do the trick. The one listed below in particular is beyond brilliant. It allows you to get incredibly close to your lashes without the pain, holds up your lashes for hours, and the company has a life long warranty on the product.

*Try: Go Curl Pocket Eyelash Curler by Japonesque

Eye shadow: On the subject of the eyes, Ulta has the best eye shadows I’ve ever seen that change depending on the season. Plus, there is always a “buy one get one free” deal when you are shopping.

*Favorite types: Lustre, Flirty, Sage, Couture Pink.

Exfoliate: To keep your skin clear, it is important to exfoliate every now and then. Why? It removes dead skin cells and leaves your face feeling smoother, fresher, and cleaner. However, if you exfoliate your skin too much you are doing more damage than good to your skin. Less is more when it comes to your delicate face. There are a lot of face creams out there that exfoliate. The problem I have always found is that they are to ruff. The solution is simple. A face brush will provide you with a soft, sweeping motion across your fragile face. The plus side of this is that you can swab your current face wash on the tip of the brush without having to buy yet another face wash or cream.

*Try: Earth Therapeutics Softouch Complexion Brush

Have any other products I missed that you love? Let me know with your comments!


3 thoughts on “Must have Beauty Products, Part 3

  1. Bobbi says:

    Great suggestions! I am a fan of ulta’s eyeshadows as well

  2. Kelsey says:

    I’ve been looking for a good sunless tanner for a few years now! I am absolutely going to buy Chocolate Sun Sunless Tanning Cream. I love that it’s organic 🙂

  3. Linda says:

    We all feel better when we feel good aobut ourselves.

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