Are Uggs Crippling Women’s Feet?

Uggs are the winter equivalent of summer flip-flops. Uggs are made of sheepskin, lined with wool and serve as a winter boot. Australia and New Zealand are attributed to the boots origin while WWI pilots wore them during flights. Manufactures can be sited as producing Ugg boots as early as the 1930s. Recent enthusiasm in Uggs by celebrities brought these boots to the forefront of fashion in the past decade.

A popular shoe amongst women, Uggs are being sold by millions. A nice pair of Uggs will cost you on sale for $150. That price is hard to swallow for an American women dying to get their hands on a pair. So, women have been doing what they always do. By the cheap imitation knock offs and call it good.

Personally, I have never spent money on nice, expensive shoes. I buy a $15 pair of heels at Payless and smile as I wince in pain waiting for my skin to “break” into my new shoes. Most women learn early on that for the price of beauty, pain is tolerable. In fact, being female qualifies you to except that pain is in your life for good.

However, new reports have surfaced recently that urge women to stop purchasing cheap Uggs. Long time users of imitation Uggs are crippling their feet. According to a Daily Mail article, six months of walking in these boots is enough time to cause damage and deformities. Apparently, the cheap versions lack basic foot support. Due to a faulty design, women are forcing their feet to walk crookedly in what is being called the “Ugg Shuffle.”

Dr. Ian Drysdale, the head of the British College of Osteopathic Medicine, stated in the Daily Mail article, “Because these boots are warm and soft, young girls think they are giving their feet a break. In fact, they are literally breaking their feet.”

Another professional in that same article, consultant podiatric surgeon Mike O’Neil continued, “As the foot slides around, you get wear and tear on the joints on the inside of the foot. The ankle is in the wrong position, the thigh bone also changes position and you get an abnormal movement in the pelvis, which leads to back problems.”

If you’re reading this article and thinking, “Ugg!” you might want to toss that pair of Uggs in your closet. You’ll be doing your feet and body a great service. Buy yourself a new pair of winter boots.

However if you are looking longingly at your pair of Uggs, save up the money and buy an expensive pair. Stop having Starbucks or put a halt on clothes shopping. You can purchase an official pair of Uggs through an Australian website. Prices start at $140.


4 thoughts on “Are Uggs Crippling Women’s Feet?

  1. Bobbi says:

    Wow, thanks for the scoop. I had no idea. I wonder if other shoes I own can cause the same issues :/

  2. Becca says:

    I just bought my first pair of Ugg’s a month ago 😦 I think if I only wear them on occasion my feet will be okay. I had no idea that the flat bottoms on these shoes are bad your feet! When I purchased my Ugg’s I actually bought a pair with support arches because I could not afford the one I really wanted (over $200) that had the flat sole!

  3. Patty says:

    Always a good idea to buy the more expensive when it comes to your feet – the cheap just seems to always cause problems.

    Great article, btw!

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