Estrogens are Contaminating the Drinking Water in America and the UK

With the introduction of the birth control pill fifty years ago, came an increased secretion of estrogen through women’s urine. This excess of estrogen lingers in the drinking water of Americans today. While filtering out estrogen is an easy process, it is not regulated or required. As a result, your morning glass of water contains estrogen. Fifty years after the introduction of the pill with no filtration for estrogen in place, scientists are just starting to reveal the effects on humans and wildlife populations.

Perhaps it’s been the significant increase in the number of cases of gynecomastia, “abnormally large breasts on males,” in even prepubescent young boys in America and the UK. According to a Cosmetic Surgery article, Alan Kingdon a cosmetic surgeon and medical director of the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in London stated, “Several years ago, I was handling one case of male breast reduction a month. Currently, I’m doing one a week.” He continued, “The increased incident of gynecomastia in England is a personal impression although it does seem to be supported by other practitioners,” Dr. Kingdon says. “I’m sure excess estrogen in the food and water cycle must be a factor.”

A recent study by Dr. Karen Kidd of the University of New Brunswick and the Canadian Rivers Institute investigated the adverse effects of estrogen on wild fish populations. The researchers put birth control pills into a local Ontario lake over the span of three years. The level of pills added to the lake reflected the local drinking water levels. The results were shocking. All of the male fish in the lake experienced “feminization” and began producing the same proteins female fish produced and/or began developing eggs in their testes. While the impact on the reproduction of the population of fish is apparent, other wild life in the water became nearly extinct or suffered a population decline. On a positive note, once the estrogen pill pumping was halted, the fish populations began rebounding after three years.

Furthermore in a Our Stolen Future article, Mike Mac, the director of the U.S Geological Survey’s Columbia Environmental Research Center confirmed a study has linked the effects of an exposure to pesticides that act like estrogen on men. The result is a lower sperm count.

Phyllis Wheeler, a mechanical engineer and mother of four including two on the autism spectrum, notes that while estrogen can be found in the water, it has been found in the plastic used to make soda bottles and baby bottles as well. She warns people to avoid plastic drinking bottles with the 1, 3, or 7.

What can you do? Until our government starts listening to the experts and makes this a top health priority, you should filter your own water. Phyllis Wheeler is a distributor of reportedly the best filter on the market, the “Multi-Pur Aqua Dome.” Check out her website for more information.


2 thoughts on “Estrogens are Contaminating the Drinking Water in America and the UK

  1. Bobbi says:

    I have a great super cheap tip to help people get rip of plastics: Start saving your glass jars from jellies or sauces. Store food in them. They are perfect for reheated too. Just take off the lids before you stick them in the microwave.

  2. becca says:

    I just heard bout this a few weeks ago and was shocked! I can not believe this not filtered out of water yet.

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