Text Leads to Attempted Murder

Two weeks ago at a Middle School in Florida, a 15-year-old girl was brutally beaten by 15-year-old boy. Up until that day, neither of the two had ever seen one another nor had they  spoken any words aloud. Instead when this young boy ran up to the girl and kicked her repeatedly in the head with his steel-toed shoes, the two had only exchanged a brief conversation over a few text messages.

It all started earlier that day when the girl, who was at school, began texting the boy who was home at the time. At some point the girl made a comment regarding the brother of the boy. This boy had found his brother hanging from a tree the previous year. Despite not having met this girl, this young boy put on a particular pair of shoes, rode his bike to school, and began texting to his friends that he was going to kill her. At school, he enlisted the help of another student, a 13-year-old ex-girlfriend. She lent her cell phone over to the boy who was trying to set up a meeting with the victim and helped him find the girl.

Sources at the scene described that the boy in question ran up to the girl and then began kicking her head, “like a soccer ball.” A teacher intervened soon after. However, the damage was done. The girl was unconscious and was taken to the hospital in critical condition. A portion of her skull was removed in an attempt to reduce the amount of brain swelling. The extent of brain damage is unknown.

The boy was arrested and is currently waiting to hear if he will be tried as an adult. The charge is premeditated attempted murder. His girlfriend was also arrested and is charged with an accessory due to the fact that she helped him carry out the crime.

Three young children have altered the course of their lives forever all before they reached the tender age of sixteen. In an age of electronic media, a portion of humanity has been removed when kids equate 160 words or less with the soul of a human being.


3 thoughts on “Text Leads to Attempted Murder

  1. Bobbi says:

    This is just awful and sad.

  2. Becca says:

    This story is horrible. I can not believe how violent children can be.
    Have you read the article about the 15 girl who recently committed suicide because of bullying?

    This girl was bullied for 3 months after dating one of her bullies. 9 teenagers have been charged for various crimes such as stocking and two boys ( one is her ex) have been charged with statutory rape.

    This is a sad story.

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