Get Writing

As I look at my beautiful mac keyboard…nothing comes to mind. I’ve decided to write a novel. Ok. Now do it. Go for it. How amazing. Let me just savor this moment. Let’s do something. Why don’t I surf the Internet for just another second. Check email. Check if my favorite shows are up. Check the blog—twitter—facebook—news. Repeat. Now, don’t get me wrong. I have plenty of ideas. I do not have writer’s block. I have writer’s hesitation. A serious and infectious disease that manifests itself by outward procrastination. In order to get my creative juices flowing, I have enlisted the help of a book called, “Plot and Structure” by James Scott Bell. According the comments posted, it is a highly recommend book that any writer should have if they had to pick one. What I have read of the book so far is good. The first step to take is to get motivated. So, I looked up a number of slang writer humor, typed it in to a word document, and posted it around my computer. My favorite so far has been: “It was a dark and stormy night…It was a very dark and stormy night…It was a very, dark stormy night (Writer in Training)” or “I’m writing you into my next novel. Your character will meet a painful, violent death. Have a nice day.”

If you want to check out where to purchase these sayings on mugs, shirts, or bags, check out this website. Until then, keep writing!


4 thoughts on “Get Writing

  1. Becca says:

    The link you gave is so cool. I have to get some!

  2. synnagain says:

    I love the “I’m writing you into my next novel…”. That would keep me motivated. Best of luck.

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