Summer is the air, Part I

Has anyone ever noticed that one or two particular times of the year are always busy? No matter how many times, you’ve tried to convince yourself it will be different next year. You’ll be more prepared. Perhaps less will happen. For me, those two months are December and May. Each year topping the last year. By now, I have learned to stop resisting. Instead of struggling underneath a rip tide, I’ve learned to let go and let the sea of events whisk me away. And they did.

May held two family birthdays (including my sweet husband’s), my sister’s graduation and wedding in which I was the Matron of Honor, and a massive family reunion that hasn’t been held by my parents since Saved by the Bell was a hit series. I knew I was in for a big month. I headed back home, wielding as much Carry-on luggage as the airplanes today allow. I was greeted warmly by my sister as her frantic eyes held mine. She quickly threw a Starbucks latte at me and filled me on what was left to do for the Wedding. We needed to make the centerpieces, the programs, the favors, the table place cards, figure out her hair style and the other bridesmaids, her make-up…..the list went on and on. Oh yeah? Did I mention that she also needed help moving out of her apartment and into her fiancé’s house? The fun it would seem might never end. Of course, I was happy to be with my sister and even more happy to help when I remembered how much work I forced her to do when I was the lucky bride to be.

That happiness swayed when I woke up, for some forsaken reason that I do not sleep well when I have important things to do, at 6:00 a.m. and slaved on until 2:00 a.m like the Good Egor I am, each night for a week. If it was just the wedding, it would have been more simple. Let’s not use the term easy. Unfortunately, my siblings and I felt obligated, rightly so,to help my parents put a few “finishing touches” or “late spring cleaning” on their house to get it ready for the big family reunion. Since we spent our childhood tearing down the house, it seemed only fit to have us clean up the damage now that we were grown. In the middle of this, I also had to throw my sister a kick ass Bridal Shower.

All of it in 6 days. Forget the show 24. I needed to make the world a better place by Friday.


6 thoughts on “Summer is the air, Part I

  1. Bobbi says:

    Well written!! And so true:) It was fun working with you.

  2. Krista says:

    Well Jack Bauer, I think your mission was accomplished! The world was a better place by Friday 😀
    Thank you so much for all of your help! I love you forever 😉

  3. Linda says:

    Sounds like-work, work, work! Thank goodness you were there! How was there wedding? Maybe turnabout is fair at times? Mmmmm….

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