Summer is in the air, Part II

Day 1: Early that morning, the Bride and I rushed off to her reception to go over last minute details. Since time was against us at this point, we found ourselves downtown at her graduation five minutes before it started. Not exactly the easiest way to savor the moment of your Masters Degree is it? While I waited for her to walk across the stage, I called another sister to grab roses, called a restaurant to reserve a slot for 10 people, and filmed her graduation for her so she could relax one day in the future while watching it. One cake, our family, her fiancé’s family, three stores to pick up wedding items, and three hours later, we sat down together to celebrate. My one meal of the day. How I looked forward to you! This “vacation” was rapidly turning into the best diet ever 🙂 After the dinner was over, so was the break. We had no time to waste Batwomen! Off the Bride and I went to more stores for more items that were sold out or under stocked. Later, we further celebrated the night by packing up her apartment. That’s just how we party.

Day 2: In order to keep me going, my sister promised and fulfilled a never ending supply of Starbucks drinks. That was the only to keep me going short of running an Epi pen through my heart every hour. None of that mattered today though. We whisked our tired ass’s off to a Salon Spa for her Bridal Shower so we could all get pedicure’s on our toes..toes. Finally some rest, right? Almost. The lady giving me the pedicure took the sugar rub on my newly shaved legs to far. It felt like I was outside scraping my leg against the concete while the massage chair fisted in me my back. If only I could relax every day. Next, we went out for lunch and presents. My one meal came early that day. Unfortunately afterwards, we had an hour to spare before we went dancing. I wouldn’t have been surprised if my sister turned to everyone and said, “You know Brittany can do back flips? Flip, Brittany, FLIP!” And I would have. Anything to keep the Bride happy. That is the sacred mission of any great maid of honor…and back up gymnastic lessons would have been a good idea. Instead, we took all of the girls out shopping. Finally, a breath of fresh air.

Day 3: My husband’s birthday. I wish I hadn’t been states away from him even though we celebrated before I left. I did leave a bunch of gifts and cards for him to open every day that I was gone to further make-up for it. He loved it. While he looked for his new gift of the day, I rubbed my red eyes and cradled my latte. Instead of the old tale of a child being afraid to fall sleep, I was a grown adult who was afraid of waking. My sister wanted to be moved out of her apartment by Sunday and while we packed and moved boxes like mules, her place was still a confused, crowded mess. She called in the In-law Calvary to help. Another sister and I headed to my parents house after being kicked to the curb with our luggage, and newly acquired mule packing skills to help get their house in shape. The beat went on…all day and into the night.


4 thoughts on “Summer is in the air, Part II

  1. Bobbi says:

    Wow, such vivid details!! I can see you and Krista in action. So glad you were there to handle all that you did. It just wouldn’t have come together without your expertise in these situations and your bubbly and sweet yet fervently diligent approach.

  2. Krista says:

    LOL! It is so impressive how those mule packing skill can come in handy!
    And you only on Sunday!

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