Summer is in the air, Part IIII

Day 8: Dum…Dumm..Dadum…The day we had all slaved for was here. I woke up at 5:00 A.M. to drag the Bride out of bed and threw her under a dryer. Her request? Get me Starbucks. She read my mind. In no time at all, her hair was dried and we were styling it while doing her make-up and ingesting a healthy dose of hairspray–all at the same time. How in the world 5:00 in the morning could run into 9:30 in one big flash is still a mystery to me. But there it was and we were late. Time was again against us. We drove as safely as we could to the reception where all the bridesmaids were meeting. The Bride and I ran around fixing everyone’s hair while they got ready. The tension and panic started to mount. In the middle of us scurrying like rats, things began to disappear. Things the Bride needed and I had lost. “Where did you put that Band envelope I gave you? The cards? Those cuffs?” The Bride roared as her eyes melted me. No Master! Don’t yell at me!

What envelope? Oh yeah the forty plus items I swore I would protect above all else in this universe. Let me think. I stood there as the girls got ready desperately racking my ever slowing brain to find things I left behind in various places. Only three things that were picked up by other family members. One of those being $65 worth of gift cards. I would have melted anyone on a good day for that though. 10:30 slammed into us and we were still late to get to the Chapel. We grabbed a line of cars after arguing whose car we should take and we were off. Two seconds later, we turned around. We had left the flowers for the Bride and Groom, the Bridesmaids, and the Groomsmen. Five minutes later and we really did leave. We pulled up to the Chapel to find the Groom in good spirits and relaxed. He should have. All he had to do was take a quick shower and dress that morning. Why is life so unfair? Before I knew it, I had chained my self to the Bride for pictures so I would not miss anything while I carried a combo lipgloss and lipstick in case she needed it. The ceremony started and went by in a flash. At one point as she and her new husband lit the unity candle, her veil wavered dangerously close to the flame, I held my breath. A burning bride would make this the worst day ever. But, luck had finally caught up with us and no harm was done.

We hurried outside for…you guessed it more pictures before taking off to the reception so I could make sure more things were in order. The reception was outside and unfortunately, the wind came by and began breaking all if the water glasses. One after another. The centerpieces we had worked so hard on would not survive the wind so they wound up in the dance hall instead. Besides that, things went smoothly. I was not off duty yet. I still had my speech to make. Despite my nerves, I looked at my gorgeous newly married sister and gave a boastful, cheerful speech regarding their first date and my other sister and I crashing it. It was time to have some fun finally.

Tomorrow was the big family reunion at my parents house. The next day we spent with my In-laws and then, we boarded a 6:15 a.m. flight home. To be delayed all day. Instead of arriving home at 1:00 as the airlines promised, we were there at 6:00. Right about this time, I came down with a sinus infection which spread to my husband two days later. Now was the time to nurse ourselves back to good health…I can’t imagine why or how my immune system was down. Next May please stay far away…


4 thoughts on “Summer is in the air, Part IIII

  1. Bobbi says:

    Well done Brittany. Amazing ability to recall all of the events that happened in just one day. Its nice to be able too look back and laugh at all the craziness.

  2. Krista says:

    Wait! You forgot to tell about your speech!

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