Wine and Family, Part 1

My weekend kick started with picking up my newly wedded sister, Krista, at the airport Thursday night. Accordingly, we chatted till 1:00 a.m. when our eyes refused to stay open. The next morning we loaded up on Starbucks latte’s while we waited for my other sister, Bobbi, to drive up to my place. What to do on a Friday when your sisters come to visit? Hmmm….let’s see. Latte. Double Check. Shopping. Check. And let’s top that off with Ice Cream, shall we?

After ‘spring cleaning’ all of that heavy paper money from our wallets and filling our hands full of bags, we headed down to the North Market for some of Jeni’s Ice Cream. Jeni’s has been featured on the Food Network for their extremely unique flavors such as Queen City Cayenne (chocolate ice cream with a kick), Salty Carmel, and Lambic Sorbet (raspberry beer). It is unlike any ice cream I have ever tasted.

Once we had our fill, we dragged ourselves back to my place to work on Krista’s wedding scrapbook. I have one question for you: “Are you a scrapper?” I am a devoted one. Maybe that’s because I’m the youngest of five….and I feel the need to hold on and document moments that fly by way too quickly. Either way, I love it. I also succeeded in converting Krista, the former bride, into becoming a member! We spent the evening on the floor, laying out dozens of pages filled with pictures, sayings, and stickers. After much sweat, more latte’s, and lots of double sided tape, we produced two professional wedding albums that held more than pictures…it had Krista and I, all of our ideas written all over it.

Of course for Saturday, we had a plan. Krista’s husband was a few hours away on a weekend break from Air Force training. The two newly weds wanted to see each other. My husband (Hunter) and I more than understood, we hate being apart from each other for any length of time! We decided to meet at a halfway point in Ohio and spend the day “sight seeing.” Krista wanted to see the Marblehead Lighthouse which is perched next to Lake Erie from which I took the above picture. I was more hesitant.

The idea of seeing a lighthouse sounds way better than it ever turns out to be. I made that mistake on our honeymoon in Hawaii. You drive up a way to get to the lighthouse, stare at it since most operating lighthouses will not permit visitors to venture into the actual lighthouse, and walk away five seconds or minutes later, slightly disappointed. This was no different! The only awesome sight of course was the beautiful Lake Erie surrounding the light house.

While we sat on a couple of benches trying to enjoy the view, the summer heat is something no one can hide from. Despite the wind doing it’s best to keep us cool, the humidity beat it to the punch. We could not stand being outside any longer and all four of us quickly agreed to grab some lunch at the only cafe in Marblehead, OH. The little cafe was full of local families having breakfast, the staff was incredibly polite, and more importantly, it was air conditioned…


4 thoughts on “Wine and Family, Part 1

  1. Bobbi says:

    Brittany, you are the queen of making good memories:) You photos and scrapbooks are the best I’ve ever seen! I wish I hadn’t missed half the weekend. Sounds like you had a ton of fun.

  2. Krista says:

    Awh! Thank you for helping me learn how to scrapbook like a pro! You are my scrapbooking Yoda!

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