Wine and Family, Part 2

Of course once we were done eating our meals, we looked at a couple of local shops. Krista and I spotted some killer sunglasses in funny shapes of martini, wine, lemons, and butterfly’s….needless to say it held our attention for quite some time while Hunter, who wins husband of the year award, snapped pictures of us goofing around. Previously, when we were trying to find out what we could do in that part of Ohio, we stumbled across a few wineries in the region. We settled on a place called Firelands Winery. The only problem? It was in Sandusky, Ohio. Thirty minutes away from Marblehead.

In the moment, we didn’t mind the extra driving due to the fact that there was nothing else to do and we would be in the safe, cool car for at least thirty minutes. So we headed down to see the winery. Once inside the winery, it looked no different than any other wine shop I have seen. We were excited though and looking forward to the tour. Except we quickly found out that the “tour” consisted of a T.V. screen broadcasting a ten minute video to a room full of empty chairs in the back of the shop, and an adjoining room where you can peer through three glass windows to see the bottling rooms. That was it. We sat through the documentary, looked in the windows, and returned to the main store room ten minutes later.

Thankfully, this winery had an amazing list for wine tasting from sweet to dry as well as offering an ice wine. Ice wine is unique in the fact that it is taken from frozen grapes. Each grape only produces two-three drops of liquid, making the flavor extremely concentrated. The result? Wine that tastes like solid honey!

Next stop? East Harbor State Park. Sounds good, right? Except it was located thirty minutes away in Marblehead. We drove, less enthusiastically, back in the direction we just came from to the park. After sitting outside for thirty minutes in the sun with bugs around us, we hightailed our city butts back to the cool retreat of the car. Krista and I decided that a nice coffee shop would do the trick…we searched for our comfort spot, Starbucks, and found one twenty minutes away near Sandusky.

With nothing else to do, we headed back towards the direction we just just came to find out the Starbucks was located inside a grocery store. By this point we were all getting on each other’s nerves. Since the “coffee shop” was five minutes from the winery we were just at, we decided to head back to get an extra bottle of wine for nothing else than to have a clear sense of purpose again! After exiting the winery, we spotted something we had not seen.

Outside next to a few rows of vine was a gazebo with two picnic tables, offering us some much needed shade from the sun. For the first time, we could enjoy the breeze from the wind and were quite comfortable on the plastic, clean, picnic table. We were content. For five seconds. That’s when we ran into a pack of hungry lushes, occupying the other table, and polishing off their fourth bottle of wine. They were hammered to the point that they had trouble speaking. Not that I’m here to judge anyone but they kept trying to speak with us…which made the scene kind of awkward. Needless to say, all of us decided we had had enough fresh air and headed back to the car. Now that we were experts on the lay out of Marblehead and Sandusky, we stopped by a Farmers Market (we ignored earlier in our increasingly fruitless quests). We purchases some peaches and plums quickly…our luck ran out hours ago…for all we knew a bear was waiting around the corner to eat us. We parted ways and headed back home. In the direction we came.


3 thoughts on “Wine and Family, Part 2

  1. Bobbi says:

    Dang! I want go check out firelands winery. Was the ice wine a dessert wine? What was you favorite wine?

  2. Krista says:

    This was a very overwhelming trip! Thank God we got to end it with scrapbooking!

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