Back on Betty Confidential + Next Weeks Posts

Friday’s just keep getting better and better!

I finished my YA novel last week which means today after taking a small break, I’m ready to start making my query letter. I’ll explain next week why this is a crucial step to publishing and what it involves.

My fourth article from my Betty Fan Blog, Chocolate Covered Chick Thoughts, is being featured on the main Betty Confidential website. My article gives a humorous Freud analysis on why men cheat: It’s called, “In The Jungle,” check it out!

*If you haven’t left a comment to win an autographed hard cover copy of Leah Stewart’s latest novel Husband & Wife, you’ll have until Sunday (September 12) to do so! I’ll pick the winner Monday.

I have some very exciting author interviews coming up! Next week, you’ll hear from author Susanne Dunlap, learn her tips to publishing, and have a chance to win TWO of her latest books!


2 thoughts on “Back on Betty Confidential + Next Weeks Posts

  1. Krista says:

    YAY! Congratulations again! 3 week in a row, is that a Betty record???

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