Friday: Smart Chicks Kick It Tour, Betty, and Me

Friday is my most favorite day! First things first, I have some exciting news:

Tonight the Smart Chicks Kick It Tour is in OH and The Write Stuff scored a private interview with the 6 YA authors. Stay tuned for pictures, signatures, and exclusive comments!

In two weeks, I’m hitting the road to help out at an author event in St. Louis called, “Wine, Wit, & Lit.” In honor of this event, I will be hosting a MASSIVE CONTEST.

Next week, I’ll have a new author interview every day! These authors will spill on their journey to the publishing world, chat about their upcoming books, and give aspiring writers crucial tips.

Guess who’s a part of it? Authors Jane Porter, Cathy Alter, Isabelle Lafleche, Maureen Lipinski, Maggie Barbieri, Anne Milford & Jennifer Gauvain. The following week, I’ll host a TEN book giveaway!

*Today another article from my Betty Fan Blog, Chocolate Covered Chick Thoughts, is being featured on the main Betty Confidential website! This is the fifth time in a row…not that I’m keeping score or anything…and its the number one article listed for Friday.

My article showcases the Top 3 Complaints of Singles vs. Couples. Check it out it’s called,“The Grass is Always Greener.”


One thought on “Friday: Smart Chicks Kick It Tour, Betty, and Me

  1. Krista says:

    Great article!

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