Oh Deer!

With fall right around the corner….who am I kidding…at my door step and each day bringing new time draining tasks, I…my husband and I decided to take a weekend getaway up to Niagara Falls. After all its only a 6 hour drive away! We woke up bright and early on Saturday morning and spent the day in New York. After picking my jaw up off the ground at the sight of The Falls (it was truly spectacular), we donned our complimentary blue slickers and got drenched on historic The Maid of the Mist.

I had been forewarned that you get wet when the boat gets up close and personal with the Falls, so I had a plan. Not wanting to get my hair wet, I spent the majority of the time using my blue slicker as a cocoon, peering at the Falls from underneath it! That way I didn’t look like I went over the Falls in a barrel! Which I learned was a common death wish practice in the 1800s.

The day was magical. We walked every square inch of the park and took a few million photos. Then, we crossed into Canada for dinner. The next morning, we ate the breakfast part of the B&B and took a “scenic” route home. One hour from Niagara, we hit a deer. It jumped right out in front of me! All I had time to do was let out an ear splitting scream and slam on my breaks.

Besides considerable damage to the front of the car, we quickly noticed we were leaking radiator fluid everywhere. The car wouldn’t be able to drive anywhere. We found ourselves six hours from home, stranded on the side of the road. Due to the lovely fact that it was Sunday: nothing was open. No car rental. No auto shop. Just us and some fur.

Thankfully, the tow truck driver offered to drop us off at a nearby hotel and we weathered out the storm with a hot meal from Pizza Hut and endless amounts of Iron Chef on Food Network. We finally arrived home late yesterday after leaving our baby car in NY. We told it not to worry. We had been assured the shop will have it fixed in couple of weeks….besides, I hear they serve the best radiator fluid around, which is like hospital room jello for good little cars. 😀

I forgot to mention that we had no electronic communication. We had left our laptops at home because it was a classified “fun” weekend. Apologies for announcing the winner of the last giveaway a day late. If it hadn’t been for a series of unfortunate events, I would have been on time.


6 thoughts on “Oh Deer!

  1. Melissa says:

    Sounds like a fun trip other than the deer incident. I miss being able to go on getaways with my husband. We took a 6 hour drive to SC this past summer, but that was with the kids.
    Do you have any road trip rituals?

    • That’s the hardest part! It was one of our most fun, all time best trips….until the deer that is! Our road trip rituals? I would have to say that I can’t go on a road trip without plenty of snacks (beef jerky especially), music, and an audio book.

  2. Linda Kumley says:

    So glad both of you are ok! Sounds like a great getaway until Oh Deer! Poor deer! You poor Dears!!!

  3. Krista says:

    You two looks so cute! I’m glad you are both home now, back to the grid ;D

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