Win a signed copy of Past Midnight

All thanks to author, Mara Purnhagen, we’re giving away a Past Midnight Prize Pack!

Prize Pack Includes: Signed copy of Past Midnight, Past Midnight pen, a Past Midnight Bookmark, and The Write Stuff Bookmark.

Past Midnight Review:

Charlotte Silver is trying desperately hard to be a normal, teenage girl….which is difficult when your parents have their own ghost-hunting reality show. Normally, Charlotte tries to distance herself from her parents work even if she serves as a back up crewmember from time to time. In fact, it’s her older sister, Annalise,  who is the one that’s sensitive to energies. Not Charlotte. But when her parents visit a haunted Courtyard Café in Charleston, everything her family knows about ghosts or debunking haunting myths is about to change.

That’s because Charlotte didn’t leave the café alone. Instead, she soon realizes she brought a few ghosts with her.

Her parents, urged on by Annalise who is tired of being uprooted, decide to stay in Charleston while Charlotte begins her senior year at the local high school. Just imagine navigating a new high school, a clique of cheerleading friends, one mysterious boy no one will talk to all with a few ghosts in tow and you have a killer novel that you won’t put down any time soon!

I loved Past Midnight. The creep factor in this book is light which is perfect for someone who does not want to be scared out of their wits by reading a book! In addition, the history behind Charlotte’s new “friends” is truly heartwarming. The plot line is remarkable. It’s not only about a young girl learning to stand on her own two feet but it includes the deep bonds between family and friends that entwine us all.

Needless to say, I can’t wait for the second book in the series, One Hundred Candles, to come out in March!

To Enter:

Simply leave a comment answering the following bolded question!

Rules for this contest:

*You can enter anytime from right now up until Sunday night (Nov. 14). Those who comment will be entered to win. Giveaways are U.S. only (sorry!) When you comment, you will be asked for your email address. This information will not be made public. It will only be used to contact the winner. You must provide your name.

For additional entries and chances to win:

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As always, every name is thrown into a hat or in the case of huge entries…a bucket, and I’ll announce the winners on Nov. 15! Once contacted, the winner will have three days to email me their mailing addresses. If I do not receive a reply within the allotted time, I will pick another winner. Good luck!

*Have you ever encountered a ghost or know someone who has?

For example: When I was little, my parents lived in a house that was old, creaky…and had a basement that was very creepy. Our dog actually refused to go downstairs. My mom and one of my sisters both saw a ghost in that house as well…I’d go into the details but just typing it is making my skin prickle….


28 thoughts on “Win a signed copy of Past Midnight

  1. […] Silver. She joined us last November to talk all about that first ghostly novel, Past Midnight. Here’s a little bit of my review of it…just to remind you of the story and […]

  2. Becky Walker says:

    No, I’ve never encountered a ghost and don’t know someone who has that I know of

  3. karenk says:

    email subscriber 🙂

  4. karenk says:

    no, i’ve never encountered a ‘ghost’

  5. April X says:

    I’m also liked the fb page (April Xu)

  6. April X says:

    I follow on twitter @ramen_addict

  7. April X says:

    Fortunately I have never encountered a ghost. But I’ve heard of people who have…

  8. Nancy says:

    The house I used to live in was about 100 years old. One morning, after my husband left for work, I was upstairs getting ready for work. I heard people talking, kind of muffled and I wasn’t able to tell what they were saying. I thought my husband left the tv on. I went downstairs to find no tv or radio on. Kind of freaked me out. That ‘s the only time I ever encountered this, but my cat was never comfortable there…

  9. I follow on Twitter. Username: LostLibraryGirl

  10. I’m a member of The Write Stuff on Facebook. Username: Laura Rachel Fox

  11. I subscribe to this blog via email.

  12. No I’ve never encountered a ghost. I do enjoy a good spooky ghost tale though. I’d love to win this one.

  13. I follow on Twitter @toobusyreading

  14. I follow on GFC & subscribe via email

  15. Shannon says:

    I work in a nursing home so I quite frequently meet up with odd things. Doors slamming for no reason, etc. All of us in night shift make sure and open the window when some one dies so there soul can get out! Ok maybe we are kookie but it doesn’t hurt anything!
    I follow the blog and am a fan on facebook!

  16. No ghost for me. I do know of people who have been visited by people who have died.

  17. Ruthie B says:

    I love spooky stories. Please enter me, thanks.

  18. Lucinda Quintero says:

    Before I was born my mom said she lived in an apartment where she felt a presence watching her. She often also complained of cold spots through the house when she felt she was being watched.

  19. Brenda Butler says:

    i follow on twitter @mommasdawge

  20. Brenda Butler says:

    am already a facebook fan :0)

  21. Brenda Butler says:

    am a blog folllower and would love to win this! :0)

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