Back in the Blogosphere!

In case you were worried, I was not abducted by aliens…

Nope but I must tell you I had no choice but to drop everything for 3 weeks because I had to. We were surrounded…granted it was by those one might call “relatives” but who else but family can kidnap you and force you to eat multiple variations of pumpkin pie?

I was cut off from the internet…and I am not to blame! I’d like to see you try to explain to Great Aunt Emma what on earth a blog is and why that’s more important than singing a third round of Christmas carols. (sigh).

Maybe it wasn’t that bad…

In fact it wasn’t bad at all….

Ok. Actually, I’m a dirty little fun haver and that’s why I took a complete break from the blogging world. (sigh). I’m a bad liar even electronically.

My husband and I spent 2 weeks back in our hometown with our immediate and extended families. We we’re tickled pink to see everyone. Ok, maybe I was the one who was actually tickled pink. In order to enjoy our vacation, I unplugged from the world as a writer I depend on: blogging, FaceBook, and Twitter. My BFF’s if you will.

But the world of interviews and book giveaways held no power whatsoever when I was snowboarding with my husband in the mountains of Colorado, arguably the most beautiful place on earth. (Thirty second pause followed by a dreamy gaze).

But now it’s a New Year and I have tons of interviews and book giveaways lined up for you. The fast is over! And I really missed you if its any consultation…

I also have good news and bad news to give you. The bad news is that Betty Confidential stopped the Betty Fan Blog program that I was apart of. The completely, like, totally fantastical good news is I am now writing freelance for Betty’s Beauty + Style section of their magazine.

And I have two articles to show you!

10 Must-Have Beauty Products For Winter

5 Fabulous New Year’s Eve Hairstyles in Five Minutes or Less


7 thoughts on “Back in the Blogosphere!

  1. Bobbi says:

    We knew you wouldn’t be gone for long:D Sounds like a good vacation! Congrats on your Betty Articles.

  2. Congrats on Betty, Brittany — and on your holiday getaway as well! Glad you’re back! 🙂

  3. Krista says:

    Great Betty articles!

  4. Awesome news about the freelance writing! Good for you!

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