Fabulous Monday Updates

Today is a bon day, non? It is. For the first time in a month, the sun is actually out and shining. The snow…the dreaded snow is finally starting to melt! Spring is finally getting closer!

I’ve also been writing up a storm over at Betty Confidential for their Beauty+Style section! I have some utterly fabulous articles coming up soon and some to share with you today:

5 Sexy Sweater Dresses for Every Body Type!

20 Heart-Shaped Items for Valentine’s Day

I’d be honored if you checked them and let me knew which ones you like. Feel free to ask me any questions here in the comments section regarding the products in the articles!

In addition regarding how I pick winners for all the my contests: I normally throw all the entries into a hat/bucket in order to pick a random winner. However, that’s quickly adding up to a huge waste of paper as you might have guessed! In order to be more green, I’ve been looking for an easier solution. That’s where the Random Number Calculator comes in perfectly.

Every name entered in my contests will now be assigned a random number. The more you enter, the more numbers are assigned to your name. The range of numbers is put into a Random Number Calculator and the winning number is chosen!

How cool and efficient is that?!

I hope everyone of you is surrounded by melting snow and having a fabulous Monday!


8 thoughts on “Fabulous Monday Updates

  1. Krista says:

    I love you V-day article! I had no idea how many cool heart shaped items there are out there. So cute!

  2. Jane says:

    The teal sweater dress is a beautiful color, but I could never wear it.

    I live in Indiana, and it took me 2 hours to drive home tonight, and I have about a half-inch of ice on my car. We’re expecting almost a foot of snow. I truly hope you enjoyed your sunshine today!

    • The teal is gorgeous. But I live in OH–I know exactly what you mean, it seems like winter this year is especially harsh?! I can’t wait for it to stop snowing for a few days in a row!! I did enjoy today-thank you! Perhaps its a better early Spring dress when it’s almost nice enough outside.

  3. Bobbi says:

    Happy Monday Brittany! Your Betty articles are just wonderful! Reading your valentine’s day article really got me excited about picking out a good v-day gift this year!!

  4. Alicia Caldwell says:

    I read both the articles and I like the sweater dress one best, just because I’d be likely to buy a sweater dress. I’m one of those lacking in the chest area, so I really liked the 3rd dress and I would totally buy it if it wasn’t so expensive. That’s my only comment is that three of the dresses were reasonably priced and then the other two were a little too high for my taste. But I’m cheap.

    Very cool you get to do this and how fun!

    • Alicia–Yay! I’m glad you liked my article! I totally agree with you. I tried to find a good range of sweaterdresses and the last two were more expensive which depends on everyone’s budget for clothes. I do have a new suggestion for you though!

      Here is a new suggestion!

      If you have a smaller chest, there’s no need to pick a modest sweaterdress. This Rouched Wrap print Sweaterdress’s plunging V-neckline from Victoria Secret is on sale for $39.99 and will boost attention to your chest while complimenting it. Because of your body type, you get away with showing more skin without looking like you’re in need of a Scarlet letter! The deep-v cut is perfect for flaunting what you’ve got if you wear it sans a tank top!


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