Fabulous Week Updates + Buy Me a Cup of Coffee

First things first, you may have noticed a shiny new button badge from PayPal that says, “Make A Donation.” As much as I love blogging, it takes a lot of work to set everything up so that there’s a new giveaway and interview each week. I’m not asking for any hand-outs…but if you have received a free book or two from my efforts, I’d love it if you donated a buck or two for a cup of my beloved coffee. 😀

Later today, I’ll have an interview up and giveaway with author and agent John Cusick!

I have 2 new Betty articles up! One is on must-have fabulous fragrances perfect if you’re looking for something new or have a gal in mind! Feel free to ask me any questions here in the comments section regarding the products in the articles (and find out which ones are my favorites…)! I also have a new interview with a Senior Makeup Artist on what’s it like to work Fashion Week in New York!

15 Seductive Scents For Valentine’s Day

A Makeup Artist Dishes On What It’s Like Backstage at Fashion Week


2 thoughts on “Fabulous Week Updates + Buy Me a Cup of Coffee

  1. Bobbi says:

    Hey great Betty Articles! I’d love to buy you a cup of joe.

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