Fabulous Updates, Upcoming Giveaways, Fashion tips, and Recipes

Now that I’m one year older, let’s get very serious…and talk about your eye shadows. One of the easiest ways you can dress up an outfit or add a little flare is with your eyes. Add a touch of hot pink for you brown eyed girls, a lustrous purple for hazel eyes, some green sparkle for green eyes, or add a smokey effect with brown for the blue eyed ladies out there.

And do so without breaking the bank! Wet n Wild has some fabulous trio colors this season for $2.99 and Physicians Formula has an amazing color palette for $10.99 (can be used dry or wet as liquid gorgeous eye liner). If you’re curious at all check out my article, 15 Bright, Hot, Sexy Eye Shadows For Spring, for lots of information. The only reason I’m sharing this with you is because that’s what friends are for! It’d be criminal not to.

Now that we look fabulous, we can move to to more important matters…

First up, I have an interview with Anna Elliot + Giveaway coming later today. Her writing advice is so good, it almost makes your heart skip a beat just to read it.

*Can you spot anything different in terms of desgin here at The Write Stuff? A certain new icon….to the left that I slaved over whipped right up.

My husband and I have been cooking our tails off over at 26 Countries and 1 shockingly small Kitchen. We made a Meat Pie that turned out awful. We made the mistake of making two. 3 nights of that torture for dinner and I don’t think I’ll touch it ever again! But we also found a Meatball recipe that’s easy and to die for. I got to make my first ever meat cookies from it. We cooked a Maple Sugar Pie that when paired with ice cream, it tastes like heaven. Guess what? It only has 4 ingredients: flour, brown sugar, maple syrup, and heavy cream. C’est Parfait!

We also updated our cooking blog’s design and I’d love it if you took a look there. It was a lot work but fun too. We have a set of forks, knives, and spoons that look like they’re just laying right on the blog. And if you want to know how our Russian Borscht (beet soup) turned out (not red as it should have…shh!), check back later today over there.


4 thoughts on “Fabulous Updates, Upcoming Giveaways, Fashion tips, and Recipes

  1. Bobbi says:

    You have been busy girl! You are doing a fabulous job with your magazine articles and blogs! Keep up the good work. Also, way to go on the Yahoo Shine features of your magazine articles:D

  2. Krista says:

    Thanks for the fabulous suggestions!

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