Updates + Life Transitions and LipGloss

I have some fabulous news and less fabulous news. Which would you like 1st?

Ok. Let’s take the less than fabulous news.

No contest this week. My husband and I have decided to move back home to Colorado (our long-time home, we both grew up there and have only been away for two years!) to be closer to family. And we both desperately love Colorado :-D. All within the next couple of weeks. I’ve had a couple of fights with the scotch tape and am surrounded by card board boxes as we speak. Sigh. Actually, I’m very excited! OH is just starting to pile on the humidity. For a someone that has curly hair, I have to leave the house while flat ironing my hair as I walk to keep it straight. I won’t miss that….!

It also means we might be putting our cooking blog on hold until we get settled. It’s a little to hard to cook when everything is getting wrapped in bubble wrap!

But I am whiping up a batch of new, exciting author interviews and giveaways so stay tuned!

Ok. Now for the fabulous news.

I started writing beauty and style for a new website, Lipgloss Culture.com. I have two new articles to show for it!

10 Ways to Get Flirty with Fringe Fashion andย 5 Must Have Lipglosses for Summer.

And one more new up today: 5 Flirty Summer Scents

I also have 3 new Betty Confidential articles!

10 Fabulous, Fun Nail Products– Nail polish that changes color!

How to Get The Brightest, Healthiest, Sexiest Smile at Home– The best and easiest ways to whiten your teeth all inconvenience of your own home!

10 Glamourous Hair Accessories– Check out these Goody Spin Pin cork screw pins for an easy, professional hair style!


14 thoughts on “Updates + Life Transitions and LipGloss

  1. Melissa says:

    glad beauty blogging is going well for you. good luck with the move. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Good luck with the move, Brittany! Ohio will miss you!

  3. Kelly says:

    Thats great news Brittany! Love the new articles btw. I don’t have to search through the store shelves for good products now because you write about all the must haves. All I need now is a money tree lol. Its tough to cook when moving. We will miss your cooking until you have finished moving.

  4. Brittany, huge congrats on all the new articles and congrats, as well, on the upcoming move! I *love* Colorado. I grew up in Wisconsin but always wanted to move out there (I credit lots of John Denver songs for this ๐Ÿ™‚ ), and I even tried applying for teaching positions in Denver and Colorado Springs when I finished college. But, unfortunately, no spots were available and I ended up staying in the Midwest (which, since I met my husband here in IL shortly after I moved, turned out to be a good thing after all). And, ohhh, I know *exactly* what you mean about curly hair and humidity!
    Will be thinking about you…

    • You’re so sweet Marilyn! Thank you!! Lol- on the John Denver songs. I’m glad you found your husband in the midwest…now you can move to CO though, right?! ๐Ÿ˜€

      I’m so glad I’m not the only battling humidity vs. curls!

  5. Teresa says:

    Welcome home! What part of CO are you moving to? I’m in Northern Colorado.

    • I had no idea you lived in CO! We’re moving back to the Springs until we find a new place. We both went to CSU in Fort Collins too.

      It’s always to great to meet another rockie!

  6. Shannon J says:

    Good Luck with the move!!!

  7. Krista says:

    Great articles! I can’t wait for you to move back to Colorado!!!

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