Review of And By The Way + Multiple Book Giveaway

Alex Newman is the daughter of a famous music idol. Not that she cares though…especially since The Rockstar’s been knee deep in work since her mom died. He was like that when she was sick. All Alex had was her mother to show her the way through life.

Now she feels as if she can’t trust anyone. Not her best friend, Sarah, who’s refusing to let her wall off all of her feelings. Nor this incredibly annoying guy at school, David McFadden, who lost his mom too and suddenly wants to help her. The trouble is David’s handsome. Sarah’s sweet. The Rockstar is…well himself. But none of that matters. None of that can bring Alex’s mom back.

Set in the beautiful and serene landscape of Dublin, Ireland, Denise Deegan‘s debut YA novel, And By The Way, struck an emotional cord with me. I was crying by the end of Chapter 3 and desperately pleading with all my heart and soul that Alex find her way through the icy teenage waters. I feel in love with each and every character, even her Rockstar father once he finally began to open his eyes and really see his daughter for the first time.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll feel as if the world is now a better place…all you need to do is read it. Then, share it with the other women in your life. Sisters, Friends, Parents, and Teenagers alike will love it. If you don’t believe me yet, check out one of my favorite quotes below:

“Sometimes I don’t just miss my mum, I miss having a mum. Someone to fall back on, to take the pressure off, to explain. Like why I can be a total bitch sometimes. And why I kissed a guy I don’t even like. After he’d insulted me. Oh and why I can’t stop thinking about him– or the kiss.”

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*What is one of your favorite mother, grandma, sister, aunt, or girly friend moments in your life that you will never forget?

For Example: Learning how to crochet with my mom. She sat there and patiently taught 3 very impatient girls. Teaching me how to crochet with my right hand and then switching to the left for my other two sisters. It was incredible. She passed down an ability (like how to make fabulous winter scarves) that her sister had taught her. Every time we gather for family holidays, out comes the yarn and crochet hooks….and smiles. 


33 thoughts on “Review of And By The Way + Multiple Book Giveaway

  1. Kelly says:

    Wow, amazing book review Brittany. I will definitely read this book next. One of my favorite moments was when I recently moved away from home and two of my sisters gave me a suprise visit. We drove to CHicago and had one of the best weekends ever. Awww, good memory!!!

  2. Nicole says:

    I remember when I was younger, maybe ten, my mom and I took up tennis and my aunt decided that she’d come and watch us on our first ‘lesson’. She was constantly criticizing our stance and what not and it was getting pretty annoying so me and my mom had a little meeting (huddled up in the middle of the court). I remember I said something along the lines of “I wanna hit her with my racket, ma!” and my mom of course was all “Oh, no, don’t do that, hon”, then my aunt yelled this and I quote: “Will you get on with this attempt at tennis already?!” It was the last straw my mom, with her sucky aim and all, threw her racket at my aunt and hit her right in the face. It was hilarious! And don’t worry! My aunt was fine!

  3. Laura says:

    I’ll never forget the time that my Mom, Nana, and I all baked homemade cinnamon rolls up at the cottage. I was probably 10 years old and thought my Nana was the coolest person ever for making something that we usually just bought ready-made at the store.

  4. Tiffany Drew says:

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  9. Tiffany Drew says:

    When I was really young, if I was sick and had to stay home from school I would spend the day at my grandparent’s house. It was one of my favorite things to do. My grandmother would make me some peanut butter and jelly toast and then we would sit and watch The Price is Right together. Then we would always watch The Sound of Music. These are some of my favorite memories of her. Both she and my grandfather passed away in 2007 and I miss them beyond belief.

  10. karenk says:

    i’m an email subscriber 🙂

  11. karenk says:

    i remember watching my grandmother making rag rugs on a old wooden loom…she taught me that craft…and i am the proud owner of the loom today…that has made many, many yards of rugs 🙂

  12. vagabondia says:

    i wouldn’t call this girly, but one of my favorite memories is the first time my sister, mom and I went shopping with my cousin who we barely knew (she’s much older than us). we went to Target to buy school supplies and naturally, the two of us young ones traipsed off and began wondering around clothes. My sister spotted a mannequin up above an underwear display (it was from the knee to the waist, basically) and someone had placed a pair of brown socks in the back of the panties. She started giggling so hard and she wouldn’t stop! soon she was rolling on the floor, crying with laughter. I, being the younger and more stoic of the two, went and found mom and our cousin and told them that my sister “was having one of her fits again”. the look on my cousin’s face! mom came running over to see what was up and my sister jumped up and pretended to be a mannequin in a display. it would have worked (it did work for at least one go around) but she was laughing so hard that her belly was quivering. mom spotted her and told her to get down and immediately my sister dissolved into giggles before screaming “I have to pee!” and ran off for the bathroom. Our poor shy cousin looked mortified. =) (love you, Jean!!!)

  13. vagabondia says:

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  18. Lisa McGeen says:

    My favorite grandma memory was seeing her hold my son for the first time. That meant that there were 5 generations and she knew she had lived to see it. It makes me tear up to this day!

  19. Becky says:

    My Grandma used to look after me and my brothers a lot when we were younger as my parents were busy running a B&B. I always remember when she asked what we’d like to do we’d always ask to walk up to a coastal village about a mile and a half from our home. She always took us. She’d happily let us stop off for an ice cream soda at the same cafe every time (i think that was the draw for us!) and visit the little zoo which cost 20p back then! One time I remember we went a bit further into a wooded area and at some point I remember us running from cows, and all four of us managed to fall down a bank; it wasn’t steep enough to hurt any of us, we were all in hysterics including my Grandma, i think 2 of us may have wet our pants we were laughing so much… embarrassing but I remember that time fondly. My Grandma was so kind and a lot of fun, a great Grandma.

  20. Colleen Turner says:

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  22. Colleen Turner says:

    I will always remember my grandma taking me to the pool at her apartment complex when I was about 10. I spent the summer with her and each day she would take me swimming! She is also the person who instilled a love of reading in me and would take me to the library once a week to pick out some treasures!

  23. Shannon J says:

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    Shannon Johnson

  26. Shannon J says:

    This sounds like such a good book! I love that it is set in Ireland! What a beautiful country!!
    My memory is my Grandma would sneak me candies! Trinidads and bullseyes! When she would get some she’d tell me come here and put some in my hand! We would eat them together like it was this big secret probably to not tell my brother!!! 🙂 I still love those candies till this day!!

  27. Ms. Dawn says:

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  29. Ms. Dawn says:

    This is so silly and it’s probably not a “girlie” thing at all. But, soon after my parents divorced (I was 4), my mom and I lived with my grandparents. It seemed like she was always working. After Bible school season, when I’d “won” a miniature frisbee, she used to play with me in the front yard for a little bit before she went to work. Now, that I write it, it sounds more like a “doggie” thing than a “girlie” thing. But, I sure did love that renewed time with my “Mommy”.

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