Review + Giveaway: International Child Abduction: A Father’s Story

David Goldman had it all. He fell in love with a beautiful Brazilian woman he met abroad in Italy while modeling. They had a wedding in the US and settled down to start their family. A year later, the little patter of feet came their way and they had a beautiful son named Sean. It was a perfect life.

That is until his wife left their home in New Jersey with their 4-year-old son for a “family vacation” in Brazil with her parents. David had no idea when he kissed his wife and son goodbye that day it would be the last time he saw his wife alive and an agonizing 4 1/2 years before he had the chance to see his son again.

His wife entered her native country of Brazil with their son Sean and never came back. She called her husband a week into the trip to tell him she was moving on. Their marriage was over. She’d be keeping Sean and he needed to jump on a place to Brazil and sign over full custody…now.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s annual report, 800,000 children are reported missing every year in the U.S.  Of that number, an estimated 200,000 are abducted by family members.

David Goldman’s son, Sean, was the victim of an International Child Abduction. It’s a case that reached the highest levels of our government, prompting President Obama and Secretary of the State Hilary Clinton to get involved and plead with the Brazilian Government to return Sean back to his father.

His story has never been told in its entirety until now. David’s memoir, A Father’s Love: One Man’s Unrelenting Battle to Bring his Abducted Son Home, details the 5 years of legal and emotional battles he went through as a father.

I had the pleasure of interviewing David but nothing can compare to reading his story.

David shares the moment he received that chilling phone call from his wife, telling him what she’d done. He takes you through the emotional turmoil he faced roaming the halls of his empty house, pining to see his son again. It shows the unbelievable frustration involved when a clear-cut abduction case turns into an international affair.

It also brings you through the utter shock David received when he learned his wife had not only remarried, she married a man who was part of one the most prominent families in Brazil and a child abduction lawyer.

It shows you the level of anguish no parent should ever face when David had to set-up visitation rights to see his own abducted child.

You will literally want to sing out loud in triumph when Brazil finally hands over Sean and David gets to take his now 9-year-old boy back home.

You will also see that the bond between a parent and a child can never be broken.


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*What do you love most about your father?

For Example: My father loves music. He taught each of my siblings how to play different instruments. To this day, I love music dearly.


21 thoughts on “Review + Giveaway: International Child Abduction: A Father’s Story

  1. Kelly says:

    Sounds like an incredible story!

  2. Kelly says:

    I love that my father is very supportive and has great advice:)

  3. Tiffany D. says:

    I follow on Twitter as @enterthedrew.

    If this comment appears twice, I apologize. The first time I tried to do it, it said I commented too fast lol. I don’t see it as posted so I am trying again.

  4. Tiffany D. says:


  5. Tiffany D. says:

    I follow on Facebook as Tiffany Drew

  6. Tiffany D. says:

    I am an email subscriber!

  7. Tiffany D. says:

    What I love most about my dad is that he is hilarious. He was always making crazy noises and running around with us as kids. He still plays football with my brother and husband on Sundays even though he is in his 50s. One of my favorite memories of growing up is him letting my sister and I drive his car when we were really young (I’m talking like 8 and 10 lol) and once he let one of use drive through a cemetary near our house. It was getting dark and my brother (who was mayne 6 or 7) was in the backseat and getting scared. So whoever was driving (me or my sis, can’t remember) starting pumping the breaks and my dad was banging on the outside of his door and yelling that the zombies got us. It was pretty hilarious. I know it seems like a pretty mean thing to do, but we all loved it, even my brother.

  8. Becky Walker says:

    oh, and fan on Facebook 🙂

  9. Becky Walker says:

    My Dad has always been an inspiration…he grew up in poverty, worked his way through college and always gives everything his all. He is the best Papa my kids could ask for and then some 🙂

  10. karenk says:

    i’m an email subscriber 🙂

  11. karenk says:

    i was always his baby girl 🙂

  12. Jane Cook says:


  13. Jane Cook says:

    And I follow on Twitter!

  14. Jane Cook says:

    I follow on FB

  15. Jane Cook says:

    My dad doesn’t think much of girls. He wanted a son; he didn’t treat any of his wives very well; he wasn’t kind to me or my stepsister as children. However, now that I’m grown, and I’ve become strong emotionally and independent, I am the only person in the world whose opinion he trusts, who he thinks is nearly as smart as he thinks he himself is, and the only person who can stand up to what he says and with whom he’ll remain on speaking terms. So while he may not like me, he might love me, and he gives all appearences of respecting me. That’s more than he feels for anyone else, so I guess that’s that.

  16. Carol Wong says:

    My father loved all living creatures. When he was a child, his friends called him “Bugsy” because he even loved the bugs. He was a doctor and if a child was bitten by a dog and brought into the office.. He would catch the dog and keep him penned up for a certain amount of time to find out if the dog developed rabies. The rabies shots to humans are very painful. So the dog didn’t develop the symptoms after a certain amount of time, then it did not have rabies and the shots could be stopped and the child sparred some agony. Of course the dog benefitted too if it was not vicious.

  17. Shannon J. says:

    follow on twitter IandSsmom

  18. Shannon J. says:

    fan on FB Shannon Johnson

  19. Shannon J. says:

    sorry Subscribe to the blog!

  20. Shannon J. says:

    This is tough because I was never all that close to my father. My mom (who I was very close to) died right before last christmas. The same day my dad was there to help with my brother (severe alcoholic) and lend support to me. Since then he has come to see me and my kids and has taken over alot with the nonsense with my brother that with me being a single mother I just can’t deal with. It is no easier for him but he does it and his wife who was having medical problems have been doing there best to help my brother. He also came out for Grandparents day at my son’s school which I dreaded as being an awful day having just lost his Grandma and made it a great day for my son!! Any way the moral to my story is that even if you aren’t real close with your father he can still be there when you really need him.

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