A Life, Lived Stronger: Healthy Living Articles

Ok now this really is a dream come true: I’ve finally found a way to combine my background in psychology with my passion for writing.

I’m the official Health Living writer for a new, hot website: Health Daily Online

There a health news publication on a mission to provide accurate, evidence based lifestyle and medical content focused on prevention, wellbeing, and a life, lived stronger.

They have top medical articles on everything from nutrition to weight loss. I’m responsible for the Healthy Living section including the subchannels: Family, Sex & Relationships, and Mind & Body. I’m using my years of experience in the field of Health and Social Psychology as well as cutting edge research to offer a fresh, healthy lifestyle for all!

It’s my dirty little secret. I have a Cum Laude Bachelor of Science in Psychology. While in my degree, I spent the majority of it conducting research and working for professors to aide in their research. I conducted two of my own research studies that were both presented at annual psychology conferences. From all of that, I’ve been published in several papers. I once envisioned myself as a Social Psychologist (thus the overkill as an undergrad) and even applied to a few PhD programs…before turing myself over to a life as a full-time writer.

I’m very honored to share my articles for you. Here are a few of my favorites:

Boost Your Health, Exercise Outside

New Parents: Finding Time as a Couple

Five Easy Ways to Make Her Happy

The Male Brain Dissected 


3 thoughts on “A Life, Lived Stronger: Healthy Living Articles

  1. Kelly says:

    Dang, you go girl. Thats wonderful news. I will be checking it out for your articles!

  2. Krista says:

    I love your “The Male Brain Dissected” article!

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