Weekly Updates + Summer Fun

*I’ll have a review + giveaway coming up today! I read the lovely novel, Little Black Dress, by the very talented Susan McBride that was just released yesterday! I can’t wait to tell you all about it. If you’re a lover of women’s lit, stay tuned!

I also have two new Betty Confidential articles:

Heat Resistant, Budge-Proof Makeup

10 Must-Have Make-up Brushes


Here are a few Healthy Living articles!

Turn off the T.V. and Get Together: Family Activities Before Summer Ends!

Newborn Tips for the Devoted Dad

How Nature Entwines Our Lives: Why is nature so important to us? 

Ok….so besides writing and reading, I can’t seem to stop throwing myself into crafts! Maybe it’s because I sense

that summer is coming to the end and I don’t want the summer fun to stop. Or maybe I’m sympathy nesting. Another sister of mine is expecting 🙂

For starters, my husband and I made two matching nightstands. Ok, he built them and I stained them. But I did help! As much as one can when their hiding from saw dust. But they turned out beautifully and I’m quite proud!

After we stood back to admire our work, we looked     around our place. We needed a new bookcase. I…umm…have a lot of books…! We drafted up a design after searching the internet for ideas and made ourselves a bookcase! This time in addition to staining, I helped nail in the backing.

What I did do in the spare time as he was measuring twice and cutting once..ish, I picked up a time honored tradition in my family: the fine art of crocheting. My mother taught my sisters and I how to crochet when we were little and it’s still something we do when we get together every winter. We make scarves, hats, and blankets. While it may not be very modern, it’s something I just love to do!

I finally finished my blanket today. And now I have the bug. I can’t stop myself. I want to make another while sipping a martini (ok maybe really coffee) and watching a chick flick. Sigh…I love summer!

I also got a new short summer haircut and I’m loving it…and so is my hubby 🙂

What will you miss the most about summer? I’m definitely going to miss the sweet scent of freshly cut grass, food being grilled, and plants and wild flowers thriving.


8 thoughts on “Weekly Updates + Summer Fun

  1. Swimming in our backyard pool, or rather, getting wet occasionally and getting out and reading in my poolside chair !!!!

  2. Shannon J. says:

    I love that bookcase!!! Great design!! and as a fellow crocheter- I love that blanket!!!! It is so pretty!!! Great colors!! 🙂

  3. Krista says:

    Your blanket looks gorgeous! It makes me want to crochet too! Great job on your furniture too, they look wonderful 🙂

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