Fabulous Tuesday Updates + Robert Frost and I are related?!

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First things first, we’re interviewing our very first poet this week, Dave Lucas! Stay tuned to learn about publishing poetry.

This week, I have a few articles out:

Do Opposites Attract? Could Will Ferrell from Stanger Than Fiction, really fall for the tax-evading, cookie-baker Maggie Gyllenhaal in real life?

The Power of Imagination: Is there any real fact-based research on the power of imagination?

How to Balance Work and Family: Psst…date night is important.

Now on to even more fabulous news….

I’ve recently gotten on a genealogy kick. I can’t explain this sudden thirst to know more about my own history or background…but I can’t seem to get enough of it and I recently made a unbelievable discovery.

It has come to my immediate attention that I am distantly related to Robert Frost, one of my all time favorite poets. This is by far the coolest thing I’ve ever learned about my family.

Back when my dear Grandmother (who was incidentally one of the sweetest grandmother’s on earth) past away a couple of years ago, I drove my family up to South Dakota for the funeral. I hadn’t seen my father’s family in quite sometime since they live states away. At the time, I was deciding between being a social/health psychologist and a writer. So when my relatives asked me all those personal prying questions even I don’t know (as any relative always does!) I told them about my dilemma. Coming from a family of mathematicians, engineers, and musicians (as a hobby!), I didn’t expect anyone to see the value in writing that I saw.

I was shellshocked when several responses quipped, “Writer, huh? We’re actually have a a few famous writers in the family.” I about dropped dead. EXCUSE ME?! SINCE WHEN?!

That launched me into a genealogy quest and frenzy…that I’ve never fully recovered from. At the time, I knew nothing about my family past or history. Over the past couple of years, I’ve worked with a few family members and have uncovered that I am related to the Frost family and Robert Frost. Here how it goes:

My 5x great grandmother, Miriam Frost, whose genes have trickled down to me today, was the brother of William Frost whom married  Elizabeth Prescott whom had Lt. William Frost whom had Samuel Abbot Frost whom had William Prescott Frost I, who had William Prescott Frost II, who had Robert Frost, the poet which means I’m a very distant cousin but I’m still very excited about it. 🙂

And there is some evidence (looking into it) that there is also a family relation to Ralph Waldo Emerson. Did your heart just skip a beat? Mine did.

So….it’s not a complete fluke that I have a dying need to write. About everything. About anything. All the time. I can’t help but feel incredibly validated and ridiculously excited. I feel so much more normal!

You can try to escape the artist in you but you can’t escape the art that erupts out of you.


One thought on “Fabulous Tuesday Updates + Robert Frost and I are related?!

  1. Kelly says:

    Wow, thats cool! Someday people will be tracing back thier geneology to look for a link to you! You’re such a good writer. You make me laugh, ponder, learn, and smile. How is yor book editing coming along? When will we get to read it?

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