My First Big Magazine Spread!

I have some incredibly exciting news! Guess what? Ok…this guessing game doesn’t really work when it’s just me writing here so I’ll just tell you:

My first big magazine article has officially come out! I’m a contributing writer for the fashion magazine: CHAOS! I was chosen to interview a new up and coming fashion designer, Christina Krämer located in Switzerland on her latest fashion label, Awakening.

It’s a 6-page spread in the CHAOS in which I chat with Christina about her life as a designer, her inspiration, her choice to only use natural and organic materials for her clothes and designs, and life in general! I about died when I wrote it and I’m dead from excitiment now that it’s in print.

That’s right, it’s me…from beyond. 😉

My article is in the CHAOS Summer Issue #11, The Wild Card Issue and my article is titled, “Mother Earth in Heels: CHAOS Meets Fashion Designer Christina Krämer.” 

If you want to read my article, feel free to click on my images below for a bigger picture:

Mother Earth in Heels: CHAOS Meets Fashion Designer Christina Krämer


6 thoughts on “My First Big Magazine Spread!

  1. I know I’m a little late to this, but I was just poking around trying to catch up. AWESOME, Brittany!!! Looks like you’re doing great! 😀 What a good-looking article!!

  2. Good for you! That’s a nice article. Her collection is beautiful. I’m glad I’m too old to wear it because it’s a little pricey for me:)

  3. Thank you Marilyn! That means a lot coming from such a famous author!!

  4. Wow, Brittany!!!! CONGRATS — this is really BIG news!!
    So very happy for you ;).
    And now I’m going to read the article!

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