Weekly Updates + Massive Contest Coming this Week!

Tomorrow, we’re giving away 5 Ebook Copies of the fabulous women’s novel, Confessions of a Call Center Gal by Lisa Lim! I’ll have my review + giveaway up tomorrow so stay tuned!

Later this week on my other blog 26 Countries and 1 Kitchen, I’ll get you the 411 on How to Make Engagement Chicken. That’s right. You should email all your girlfriends dying to get their hands on a ring. According to Glamour magazine, their recipe for lemon roasted chicken is one recipe you can’t miss out on. For us, it was the first time we’ve ever cooked a whole chicken. I’ll have all the details on whether or not this recipe was a success or a flop!

I’ll also have a bunch of Fall Beauty articles coming up for Betty Confidential so you can know what’s trendy this fall and what’s not!

Before I sign off…since it’s Monday and we all want something to procrastinate with while we drink our morning latte, here’s my latest from Health Daily Online:

How to Understand Your Partner Better (and the reason behind why most men don’t talk!)

Why You Should Own a Pet (it’s not only good for just your kids!)

Don’t Mind The Little Things (how to take on minor and major frustrations with ease)


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