Review of Sophie’s Turn + Ebook Giveaway!

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What would you do if you a rock star proposed to you?

Would you say yes…even if the man whom you’d been dating for two years finally proposed?

That’s exactly the kind of predicament that Sophie Penhalligan finds herself in.

Sure when she was 19, she drove halfway across the country to join her favorite rock band on their last gig…all b/c she had a huge cursh on the lead-singer/killer rockstar. But she was 19.

Now she’s not only older and 28-years-old, she’s fine-tuning her career as a journalist. She’s also been dating a man named Tim, happily, for two whole years. He’s going to pop the question any moment…at least that’s what she’s been hoping for–for some time now. But Tim is a serious guy who takes his time with such things like engagements and romance. Sophie just needs to be patient.

But that’s when Sophie runs right into heart-throb Dan, the rockstar, at the airport. Thanks to her job, Sophie gets the chance to travel with the band again. She jumps at the chance. Not that she’s expecting too much.

Except when she finds herself engaged surprisingly to Dan and finally to Tim. After all, it would have been rude to say no. 😀

But what is Sophie going to do about it? Which man should she choose? What’s the smarter choice? Which choice won’t she regret?

While this was Nicky Well’s first novel, it’s written so well it doesn’t show at all. In fact, this book is chick-lit at its very best. The whole book is centered around dating, choices, and the chances life throws your way. I loved the main character, Sophie. She was easy to relate to like a best friend who’s struggling with all the fears and doubts that come into play when dating. As a reader, my favorite part was seeing how Sophie grew as a person as the book unfolded.

While this book combines honesty and humor in the most comical way, it also packs quite an emotional punch when you least expect it. You’ll love this story and especially the ending when Sophie makes her choice…or does fate make it for her?

You’ll have to find out!

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*What’s your favorite rock-band or singer?

For Example: Katy Perry–she just has so much fun with each song and she wore a pink wig for a magazine cover recently. I wish I had the guts to have that much fun with fashion! “Hmmm, maybe I’ll have pink hair today?”


5 thoughts on “Review of Sophie’s Turn + Ebook Giveaway!

  1. Nicky Wells says:

    Hello, and thanks for your interest and entries. I’m right there with Rod and Jon, they are FAB! You’re girls after my own heart… While you’re waiting for the comp to close, why not check out sample chapters? Visit my blog at to take a peek, or have a look-see on amazon. Good luck to you all… Rock on! x

  2. Nina Priddy says:

    Rod Stewart !!! I ‘ve always loved his music!
    my kids and husband hired a Rod Stewart impersonator and had me a surprise birthday party on my 50th birthday, neatest party EVER!!!

  3. karenk says:

    thanks for the chance to read this delightful novel 🙂

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