7 of the Best Posts from The Write Stuff

The fabulous Bridgid Gallagher from Inky Fresh Press awarded The Write Stuff with the 7×7 Blog Link Award.

A HUGE thanks goes out to Bridgid, a freelance writer and web designer, for bestowing it to us! You can check out her 7 links here!

The rules for accepting this award:

You must list seven of your blog posts that fit the categories listed. Then, you share the award with 7 other bloggers.

Most Beautiful: Hmm…my most beautiful post? Like Bridgid, I’m going to cheat and pick a blog page instead! My fashion and publication pages are my favorite. Each time I see my name in the byline, my heart skips a beat. When I’m feeling low on the motivational scale, I come back to those pages and I feel instantly better. A year and half ago, I was still trying to convince myself I could pursue a career as a writer. When I see those pages all I think is, “I can do this.”

Most Helpful: This one is by far the hardest to pick. While there have been tons of authors at The Write Stuff giving publishing advice, the most helpful page for me is my post on, “Why Do Writer’s Write?” In addition to discussing why people pursue writing and the stigma that sometimes comes with it, I included an inspirational Youtube clip I found. It’s the perfect cure for writer’s block!

That being said, I also love when author Janet Skeslien stopped by to give us Key Elements for a Query Letter as well!

Most Popular: One of our most popular posts (that wasn’t a contest!) was the, “2011 Guide to Literary Agents Review.” It’s a must-have guide for all writers.

Most Controversial: After visiting with family over Christmas and disapearing off the Blogosphere world for 3 weeks, I wrote a post, “Back in the Blogosphere,” in which I admitted shamefully to unplugging from the electronic world because I was having so much fun seeing all of my family. Unfortunately due to some of the humor I used, it was taken seriously by a family member. I didn’t mean to ruffle any feathers, the post was just me having fun!

Most Surprisingly Successful: I’d have to say my post on, “Writing a Novel: Down the Slide You Go.” I discussed the stages I went through when I wrote my first novel including how hard the ending was to write. I had become so attached to my characters, I didn’t want to end it. A writer who was having the same exact trouble commented that my post helped shed light on her troubles as well. It made my day.

Most Underrated: Last week when I gave away a 5×7 picture from Paris. I loved this giveaway but not many entered! Maybe it was because it’s only a 5×7 or that it’s just a picture? Or that travel pictures hold more power when we take them ourselves? I know I love decorating with my own pictures…but I also can’t wait to travel to Paris, so I settle for a picture in the meantime 🙂

Most Pride-Worthy: When I landed an interview with 7 famous YA authors all at once!

Here are the 7 bloggers who have given me inspiration as a writer that I’m tagging with the 7×7 award:

Andi Newton

Left Brained by Day, Write-Brained All the Time

Writer, writer, pants on fire

Write Now

Words from the Woods

Words and Such


Thanks for visiting! That being said, I leave you with an inspirational writer recipe I created to remind us all to have fun and to keep pursuing our life’s passion:

A Writer’s Daily Tonic:

4 cups of daily writing

10 cups of tenuous editing

12 lbs of hope

16 cups of pure mind wandering fun

2 oz of practicality and plotting

3 shots of espresso

2 supportive friends

A dash serious business as needed


10 thoughts on “7 of the Best Posts from The Write Stuff

  1. Kenda says:

    Thanks so much, Brittany, for including Words and Such on your list! I’m honored. And what a fun idea. I’ll have to give thought to which posts I would include in each category 🙂 I’m heading off to check out your post on Janet’s Key Elements for a Query Letter, since I’m in the querying process now and always looking for good tips…

    Love your recipe for the writer’s tonic, too!

  2. Love this collection of links, Brittany. It’s such a great way to get to know a fellow blogger. 🙂 (And I am TOTALLY kicking myself for not entering the 5X7 from Paris giveaway!) 😉 I often wonder that about giveaways — why are some such rocking successes while others flop? I tend to notice that people are less excited about ebooks…which doesn’t make sense to me. Have you noticed any trends?

  3. Thanks! I need to do this one – I think it’s a great refresh your older posts stimulant!

  4. Thanks for the nod : ) You made my day!

  5. Jane Cook says:

    I loved your ‘most underrated’, and wished I’d won!!!

    I also liked ‘Key Elements for a Query Letter’ too.

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