Book Giveaway + Learn How T.V. Producer, Daisy Goodwin, became an Author!

*Author and T. V. producer, Daisy Goodwin, is here to tell us all about her novel and how she became an author!

*Read on to enter for your chance to win a copy of her novel, The American Heiress!

 –Giveaway ends Nov. 13th.–

1) Tell me all about how you got started in TV?

I joined a training scheme at the BBC and got my first break making a documentary about Raymond Carver.

2) Wow! What’s a typical day like for you as a mother, author, and TV producer?

Hectic.  On a good day I wake up really early, do a couple of hours writing before sending my youngest daughter off to school and then heading to my office.  It doesn’t often work out like that though.  I usually end up writing at weekends. I am too shattered when I get back from work and I need to preserve my mental energy so I can help Lydia with her homework.

3) A great mom and a great writer! In fact, you’re an author to numerous poetry books. So I have to ask….what do you love the most about poetry? 

I love poetry for the way that it crystallises the emotions that we cannot put into words ourselves – Coleridge called poetry, ‘the right words in the right order’.  I can’t write poetry myself, but I find it invaluable when I am going through any kind of strong emotion.  It’s cheaper than therapy!

4) What steps did you have to take to get a book of poetry anthology published?

I actually made a tv programme called the Nation’s Favourite Poem and it was such a hit that we published an anthology of Britain’s 100 favourite poems, which has sold nearly a million copies .  After that I found it quite easy to get 101 Poems that Could Save Your Life published.

5) That’s amazing! So when did you decide to write your first book?

My first book was a memoir, Silver River, which has a long section set in nineteenth century Argentina.  I found writing about the past mush easier than writing about the present, so I decided to write a historical novel.

6) Tell me about your fabulous debut novel, The American Heiress

It is the story of Cora Cash, a rich beautiful American who marries into the British aristocracy at the end of the nineteenth century.  It is a story of American innocence and European wordliness, New World money and Old World tradition.

7) Where did you get the idea?

I was walking round Blenheim Palace and I saw a painting of Consuelo Vanderbilt who married the 9th Duke of Marlborough in 1895.  She was very beautiful and clearly very unhappy and I thought that is good territory for a novel.

8 ) What’s the main message at the heart of your novel?

Money distorts all human relationships, and it takes great humanity to adjust for this.  Cora starts the book thinking that her fortune can solve all problems but by the end she knows better.

9) Are you working on anything new? Can we have any hints?!

Working on a book about the Last Empress of Austria, Elizabeth and her passion for hunting in England where she meets a young cavalry officer called Bay Middleton….

10) I wish I could hear more! Last but not least, everyone knows how much writers love coffee…so I have to ask, what’s your favorite coffee drink?

It is very British of me but I drink masses of tea – English Breakfast in the morning, Earl Grey in the afternoon.  I am really fussy – will only drink loose leaf tea made in a tea pot.

If I need the extra jolt of coffee, I tend to order a flat white.

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