Fabulous Monday Updates + Do you need help with your query letter?

*This week on The Write Stuff, the fabulous Mindy McGinnis from Writer, Writer, Pants on Fire will be here to tell us all about her story into the publishing world!

*For a giveaway, we’re giving one lucky writer the chance to have their query letter for a book critiqued by Mindy herself!

Stay tuned for the interview + query critique giveaway!

Other news/articles/Monday-feel good, thought-provocations:

My article on What’s the Best Date You’ve Ever Been On? is up on Betty Confidential and I love each and every story on it! Everyone has heard about truly horrible dates, so it was nice to hear about these best dates. My fav was diving with Great White Sharks!

I also got the awesome opportunity to interview Georges Chakra, a famous fashion designer for the red-carpet elite like Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez. Stay tuned next week for my article!

On Health Daily Online: Your 1-stop place for a Life, Lived Stronger:

*Before You Say “I-Do”: Questions you must ask so your marriage outlasts Kim Kardashian’s 72-day marriage!

*Do You Suffer from Migraine attacks? Learn more about them here, and what you can do to manage your attacks here!

*Are You Sabotaging Your Relationships?

What if it’s not them? What if it’s really you?

Until tomorrow, I hope you have a Pumpkin-Spiced Latte Falling from the Sky Monday! We can all dream, can’t we?


2 thoughts on “Fabulous Monday Updates + Do you need help with your query letter?

  1. Krista says:

    I can’t wait to read your Georges Chakra interview!

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