Kaizen: What All Writers Need

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First off, you’re probably wondering what on earth “Kaizen,” means? Kaizen is the anit-dote to perfectionism. It’s a japanese philosophy that focuses on “small, incremental, and sometimes insignificant steps,”  (Baker, Greenberg, and Yalof, 2007).

And perfectionism is what all writers suffer from. In fact, it’s what keeps most writers from writing at all.

According to What happy women know: How new findings in positive psychology can change women’s lives for the better, “Many women have told me they want to be writers but are afraid to start for fear that they aren’t good enough. You know the litany ‘I’ll never find a publisher. No one will want to read it. I don’t have any important ideas…’ First of all, even if you write a bad book, you’re still writing–and no doubt improving as you do. For God’s sake, don’t set Ernest Hemingway as your standard. Set yourself as your standard and be a better writer today than you were yesturday. If you start now, you will be. I promise,”(Baker, Greenberg, and Yalof, 2007).

That is what I urge you to do. Be a better writer than you were yesterday. Stop worrying about not being the next Twilight or Harry Potter.

You are unique. Develop your own craft and don’t let self-doubt get you down when it comes to writing. Instead, practice your Kaizen today.

If you have any more trouble, check out Darke Conteur’s article on self-doubt over at From The Write Angle titled, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.”

Sources: Baker, D., Greenberg, C., & Yalof, I. (2007). What happy women know: How new findings in positive psychology can change women’s lives for the better. New York: St. Martin’s Griffin.


2 thoughts on “Kaizen: What All Writers Need

  1. Krista says:

    Thanks for the inspiration 😀

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