Winter Beauty Secrets + Michael Myers contribution to it + Weekly Updates

Winter. It’s cold. It’s brutal. And we have to be surrounded by family for warmth because eggnog is served cold for some reason…

As you brave the dropping temperatures, you don’t have to let your beauty routine suffer! I’ve been running around the beauty blogosphere lately and I was included in a couple of Top Winter Beauty Tip articles! I’m in the best of company with these fabulous ladies…

1) 10 Beauty Blogger’s Cold Weather Secrets from Betty Confidential: You seriously can’t miss these tips! Also, psst…here is a link to the incredible Oatmeal and Yogurt Facemask that I mention. It’s made of only 3 common ingredients and will moisturize your face better than Olay.

2) 10 Unique Uses for Lip Balm, from Top Beauty Bloggers by The Beauty Bean: Fabulous tips that take lip balm to a whole new level! Find out why I mentioned Michael Myers from the movie Halloween in my tip!

3) Interview with Fashion Designer Georges Chakra: “Be True to Who You Are: Tips for picking dresses this holiday season so you don’t end up on your friend’s worst dressed list. Georges Chakra dresses red carpet stars like Katy Perry and Emily Blunt and it was amazing to interview him!

4) 15 Hot Travel Beauty Items: Because traveling isn’t fun, you need beauty products that give you fun dipped in glitter. My fav? The new Sally Hansen Nail Nail Color Pen-perfect for airplanes…or getting your nails done while you drive up to Thanksgiving gatherings!

*Now that we all look fabulous, I have some bad news to break to you: I’m taking a break this week from blogging and won’t be posting any giveaways or interviews this week. While this blog is warm and snuggly if I hug my MAC computer…my family is way better 🙂 so I’ll be spending all week with them instead.

I wish all of you the best turkey-and-eggnog filled Thanksgiving this week!

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2 thoughts on “Winter Beauty Secrets + Michael Myers contribution to it + Weekly Updates

  1. Krista says:

    Have a great Thanksgiving too!

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