Helpful Writing Articles For When You Need Them the Most

What do you do when you “lose,” your book-mojo? You know what I mean. Your writing your book, you’re really into it, and then for some reason or another, you stop. You think it’s no big deal until you go back and realize you can’t get a connection to the fictional world you just created. Check out Jan O’Hara’s article, How to Restore a Character’s Voice When They Develop Laryngitis,” for tips.

If your in the boat of editing…before you go nuts, read this article on editing…before you also butcher your manuscript to death. Editing to Life-Characterization by Lydia Sharp.

Once you’ve learned how to get your novel back on track, what does it take to finish it? One word: Sacrifice. You have to make writing a priority and sacrifice other things…such as missing an episode of Switched at Birth. Check out this insightful article, Why Great Writing Takes Great Sacrafice,” by Iain Broome.

And just because I can’t resist a good writer joke:


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