Please Eat Cake Today and Celebrate: 2nd Blog Anniversary

I have a *HUGE* request to make of you today. Would you please eat cake? We’re celebrating our 2nd Blogversary and it’d mean a lot to us. It doesn’t even have to be cake…cupcakes or brownies are allowed as is any type of cheesecake. We’re flexible like that at The Write Stuff.

I’ve been wondering how old this blog really is if it was being compared to humans. Let’s be honest. There are a lot of blogs don’t last that long. They tend to be picked up and dropped like hot cakes depending on the week, month, or in some cases years. So how old is The Write Stuff? I’m going to say that each human year roughly equals 15 years in blog time…so that makes us 30.

And just like anyone who’s reached this…shall we say milestone, we don’t celebrate on the exact day. No, no, we let it go until it’s 2 months later and we’ve resigned ourselves to the fact that time has in fact flown by and we’ve decided we might as well throw a party! You see, our Blog-B-Day was technically on February 11th. So we hope you understand our predicament. The important thing is that we did decide to celebrate despite our milestone! And who can pass up a chance to eat celebratory cake?? 

This is about the spot in the blog post, where I brag tell you all about what the last year has brought me. And since I’m pretty proud, here it goes: 🙂

1) I became a Fashion, Beauty, and Style freelance writer for the online magazine, Betty Confidential, which was over 2 million visitors per month and was voted by Forbes as one of the top 100 websites for women. This position led to a pile of shockingly fabulous articles that plunged me into the world of Gucci and Marc Jacobs. This led to a few other fashion articles for the website, as well.

2) As a result, I had the amazing opportunity to write my first big magazine spread for CHAOS magazine. I interviewed an international fashion designer, Christina Krämer who is located in Switzerland, about her new environmentally friendly label. My article was titled, “Mother Earth in Heels,” and it was 6 pages long! I about died when it came out…and I incidentally should have another article coming out soon for CHAOS!

3) I finally got the chance to dabble in newspaper! I became a Restaurant Reviewer for The Coloradoan, a newspaper that covers news for Northern Colorado. My job was to check out local restaurants in Fort Collins, CO and critique their food which I did for three mouth-watering restaurants. It was a blast. There’s no other way to put it. I also wrote an article for The Woodman Edition, a weekly newspaper in Colorado Springs, CO for a local feature on the hottest hiking spots for summer.

4) Last but not least. My greatest accomplishment to date: I was given the amazing opportunity to combine my degree in Psychology and my own personal research into the field of Health and Social Psychology with writing when I became the Healthy Living Expert for Health Daily Online. My section includes the subchannels: Mind & Body, Sex & Relationships, and Family. If I haven’t said much about this, it’s because I’m busy writing weekly and keeping tabs on the latest research out there for each section.

In fact, I’m coming up on my 300th article in a few short weeks!

5) I wrote my first YA novel. 65,000 words baby. All I have to do now is cut that puppy up into little editing pieces and but it back together. As you can see, it’s a mystery as to why I’ve been putting this off lately.

This year has been full of opportunity and I’m incredibly thankful. I’m *VERY* thankful to each and every one of you that has followed my blog. A writer is nothing without support and interest, so I really thank you.

I also wanted to tell you that changes are coming to The Write Stuff…so stay tuned for my new post next Monday!!!


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11 thoughts on “Please Eat Cake Today and Celebrate: 2nd Blog Anniversary

  1. bentguy1 says:

    Brittany, I’m a day late—can I still eat at least one cookie? Congrats on the anniversary, and even more so to all your writing exploits of late. You are working it!

  2. Linda says:

    Great job! Congrats! Love your stuff!

  3. A *Huge* thanks to all my fabulous friends who stopped by to say hi!

  4. I would LOVE to eat cake! Thanks for the excuse. 😉 Happy Blogiversary, Brittany! You’ve accomplished so much this year. Brava!

  5. Krista says:

    Happy blogversary! You’re doing so great! I’m going to eat cake!

  6. Nicky Wells says:

    Hey, you! Congratulations on your second blogiversary and all your fantastic accomplishments. Sounds like your life is an amazing rollercoaster of up, up and away at the moment, whooooop! I am certainly eating cake with you and raising my celebratory teacup. Cheers!

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