Your Healthy Living Update

I wanted to kick-start this Monday with a few of my healthy living articles. And let’s be honest, who couldn’t use more healthy lifestyle tips?! So grab your latte energy drink green tea and get ready to learn something new:


Did you hear about the 6-year-old boy that was a placed into police custody after he threw a tantrum at an elementary school in Indiana? This article discusses the incident and offers 3 tips to help parents Reduce Your Child’s Behavioral Problems in School.

Now that summer is underway, are you having a hard time getting your kids to walk away from their Xbox and step outside to play for a change? It may be because our children are suffering from what is now being called, “Nature-Deficit Disorder: A Generational Nature Gap.”

Mind & Body

With the ever-depressing news coverage these days, it shouldn’t be too surprising that many people are fearful and suffer from anxiety. According to neuropsychologist Dr. Rick Hanson, humans have been bred to be fearful. Check out why that is and how you can change it: How to Overcome Fearfulness.

Did you find yourself identifying with Charlize Theron in her latest movie, Young-Adult? If so, here are three-must-read tips on How to Enjoy Your Life!

Sex & Relationships 

Did you know that there are Five Common Barriers to Listening? I’m guilty of #1….ok and #2

Do you believe that some couples simply fall out of love with each other? According to clinical psychologist and marriage counselor, Dr. Randi Gunther, that doesn’t happen. Learn why: Have you Fallen Out of Love?

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2 thoughts on “Your Healthy Living Update

  1. Krista says:

    Listening barriers… though I do not believe I have a problem, Joe will be glad I read your article!

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