Your Healthy Living Update


Are your children starting to flee from the nest you’ve built, making you an empty-nester? If so, check out these Three Helpful Tips for Empty Nesters!

Were you spanked as a child? Do you plan to spank your children? The debate on spanking has raged on for years but what does the latest research have to say on the topic? What are the Effects of Spanking?

Mind & Body

Are you a multitasker? Does your job or home life require you to juggle several things at once? Then check out this article on how you can be more efficient and less stressed: Multitaskers: How to Increase Your Focus at Work.

Have your ever noticed that the Grass is ALWAYS Greener when you’re trying to achieve your dreams? According to neuropsychologist Dr. Rick Hanson, that may be because your going after your dreams with attachment instead of aspiration. Learn more about the difference here: How to Achieve Your Dreams.

Sex & Relationships

You’re single and you don’t know why can’t find someone to date. Check out this article, Is Dating in the Modern World More Difficult?, to learn 6 reasons behind why first dates are failing in record numbers.

Everyone knows about The Sex Talk that parents give to their children about sex…and its consequences. But have you and your partner had your own sex talk? According to certified sex therapist Laurie Watson, this is one conversation every couple should have: Talking with Your Partner About Sex.
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