Why do you write?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe other day, I came across a book titled, “Why We Write.” For the first time in months, the writing part of myself emerged from a long and lengthy slumber. This is the first chapter I laid my eyes on:

“I write because it’s all know how to do. Writing is my anchor and my purpose. My life is informed by writing, whether the work is going well or I’m stuck in a hell of writer’s block,” states author Sue Grafton (page 52). She continues, “Most days when I sit down at my computer, I’m scared half out of my mind… Writer’s block is a subject I’ve given a lot of thought to, since I came up against it so often. I used to try to power through, overwriting the block by sheer force of will. Now look at it differently. I see writer’s block is a message…informing me that I’m off track. The “block” is the byproduct of the faulty choices I’ve made.”

My job is to back up and see if I can pinpoint the fork in the road where I headed in the wrong direction. Sometimes I’ve misunderstood a character or his or her motivation. Sometimes I’ve laid out events in a sequence that muddies the storyline. Usually I don’t have to retrace my steps more than a chapter or two, and the error is easily corrected.”

It was then that I realized just how much I had missed writing. I had done what many writers do. I let life and its many sidetracks take over my main focus and I let writing slip to the back burner.

To break the stalemate I’ve been on, I’m doing what any good writer does: writes. That’s the simplle goal of my post today. However, I’d also like to encourage any other writers out there who have been feeling their passion slip to remind themselves of why they write.

Maran, M. (ed). (2013). Why we write. New York: Penguin Books.


5 thoughts on “Why do you write?

  1. Twitter: @mcnulty1977 says:

    Great post. Just came to your blog new and I love it. I think the “Why I write” question is a great one for all of us to ask and reflect on from time to time as writers. Thanks for sharing this one and keep up the great writing!

  2. I retired 4 years ago and needed something to fill my days. I have always loved to write, so I got serious about it. However, I did not realize how much stress I would have. I try to pace myself, but when I’m involved with my characters, I forget about real life and housework. I have more story ideas in my head than will probably ever get written.
    I enjoyed your article.

  3. Krista says:

    I hope you writing is going well! I like the author’s method of backtracking to find the problem causing writers block. Very good tip! I love you and hope all is going well! 😀

  4. B Kumley says:

    Its nice to here from the write stuff again!!

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