Writer’s don’t always have to write

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOk…so here is the world’s biggest secret: Writer’s don’t always write. Things get in the way, time gets in the way, and generally life!

The trouble with this fact is that writer’s like to tell people that they must write. You must write, always, every day or…the implication is that you won’t be a true writer any more. You’ll get rusty. Your writing will collect dust and then what will you do?

But it’s not true at all. Writing is an art form. A beautiful, awe-inspiring painting of words that will grab the soul of the reader when read. It’s a piece of art. And like most arts, it’s a beauty inside of you that cannot be denied. It’s always waiting to be expressed. And it has no time-limit.

That’s why it doesn’t matter if you don’t write for days, months, or years. If you’re a writer, you will always be one. I don’t care how often you write. Be gentle with yourself and write when you have the time!


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