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Wine, Wit, & Lit Author Event

After a very long drive down to St. Louis, MO, I arrived at the Lone Wolf Coffee Company for Wine, Wit, & Lit.

After my interview in July with Susan, we emailed back and forth once we discovered we were both at the same point in our novels, each day checking in our word counts, and cheering each other on. Not only did it help me finish my book, it meant the world to me. The second I heard Susan was throwing this event, I knew I had to come.I was so excited for this event, I arrived extra early to meet everyone. The second I stepped through the door, I meet four authors I’ve interviewed!

The first person I saw was Susan McBride, the fabulous author behind it all. I quickly learned she’s just as lovely in person. Next was Marilyn Brant, who’s given me advice over emails and is sweet as can be in person. And of course, co-authors Anne Milford and Jennifer Gauvain were standing side by side. Anne immediately embraced me in a warm hug as Jen complimented me on my interview. Needless to say, I felt incredibly welcomed and right at home.

I have to tell you this event was the best one I have ever gone to concerning authors. Everywhere I turned there was something new to discover: goodie bags, a raffle with gift baskets filled with books, journals, chocolate, & wine, and silent auction items including the chance to have Eileen Dryer, a New York Times Bestselling author critique the first five pages of a manuscript which I hastily signed for…If that wasn’t enough, I was able to meet and chat with four new authors including the lovely Jody Feldman whom I struck up a conversation with immediately.

Twenty minutes later, guess who walked through the door? My best friend from elementary school who I hadn’t seen in 16 years! At that point, I was about die with excitement…

I met Sami in kindergarten and we declared that we were BFF’s in 1st grade. Since then, we were inseparable and had countless slumber parties…too many to count. Then, bad news struck when we both learned that our families were moving to separate states. My family moved to CO and hers to MO. That was before the days of the internet, if you can believe it…all we could do to keep in touch was write letters and phone each other. As you may know, that’s hard for a growing girl to do! So every few months or so, we’d check in with each other. Until, we lost touch right after high school for good.

While everyone jumped on Facebook, I missed that bus. What can I say? I’m the youngest of five and stubborn in that way…until this year. As soon as I signed up to come to MO, it hit me: I could find Sami! To make a long story short, the second I did, we began emailing and catching up quickly. And the best part? She still lived in MO.

As you can see, it was anything but coincidence that we finally were able to meet again after such a long time! We sat down and began gabbing away like sisters who had been lost until that day.

Before long, we found wine tasting as well as a spread laid out by the Lone Wolf Coffee staff with sample menu items. The tables in the place filled up and the event was kick started off by “Speed-dating with authors: Angie Fox, Bobbi Smith, Sharon Shinn, Jody Feldman, Susan McBride, Marilyn Brant, Anne Milford, & Jennifer Gauvain.”

Each author spent five minutes chatting before moving to the next table. That way everyone who was there could have a chance to talk to them. Next, the raffle was drawn and gift baskets were given out. Sami won a basket and I won the silent auction for the critique with Eileen Dryer! As if this day could seriously get any better?!

Later, Sami and I went out for dinner and dessert because that’s what BFF’s do. They also spend twenty minutes taking pictures… 😀

The next day before heading back home, I met Susan at the Cheesecake Factory for lunch. We chatted away for two hours before grabbing Cheesecake to go. She’s one of the nicest authors I have ever met, not only a fellow writer but also a fantastic friend.

This trip was one that I won’t ever forget!