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The Write Stuff has had Plastic Surgery!

So do you remember how I pondered that this blog is two years old and I think that each human year roughly equals 15 years in blog time…so that makes The Write Stuff 30?

Well like anyone approaching their advancing years, I’ve decided to put The Write Stuff under the knife and pull the pages a little tighter around our blog’s face.

In fact, the entire blog just underwent a MAJOR FACE LIFT! I’ve changed every single page. Check it out and let me know what you love about the changes!

I even updated my website and my Twitter page.

Weekly Update + Writer Websites + Giveaway

Today, I’ve been canvasing writing websites on what on earth to do when your writing goes south….or just stops. I found a few helpful articles perfect for any writer.

Next, we’ll be hosting a giveaway on Friday! Details to follow soon!

Falling Off The Writer and Blogging Wagon

It’s been a while since my last post! I could tell you that I got wrapped up in Christmas and New Years or that my husband and I moved to a new city and I just finished unpacking….but I could have made time to blog if I’d really pushed it.

The truth is that I fell off the writer and blogging wagon.  You sort of run around as a writer and shout, “Write! Write! Write!“…and then there are patches were nothing comes. Since I began writing freelance, it hasn’t been an exception. It’s been a struggle to find creativity left over at the end of the day to blog or write for fun. Writing has always been my hobby but once I added different companies to write for during the week, it became “my work day,”…and turning back to writing when I have time off from my deadlines is harder than I thought it’d be.

Which is a cycle every writer falls into and I’d have to say it’s hard. The more I don’t write creatively without boundaries, the harder it is to write, and the longer I abstain….the more guilty I feel and the less I write outside of my work. The less I write, the more I worry I about my ability to write. I felt guilty about taking an unannounced break from blogging (I love this blog!) and my contests. I’ve been avoiding editing the book I wrote, wondering if I should just start over and give up. My cooking blog is on hiatus from our 2 recent moves, we kind of dropped the ball.

But in end all you can do as a writer or anything in life is hop back on the wagon and start shouting, “Write, Write, Write!” You can’t let your own shame or self-doubt get the best of you or burn-out either.

If you any of you out there have any tips on how to juggle your passions with work (writing or not), I’m all ears. Here’s to breaking the spell and getting back to writing and my goals…..and to stopping playing solitaire.

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7 of the Best Posts from The Write Stuff

The fabulous Bridgid Gallagher from Inky Fresh Press awarded The Write Stuff with the 7×7 Blog Link Award.

A HUGE thanks goes out to Bridgid, a freelance writer and web designer, for bestowing it to us! You can check out her 7 links here!

The rules for accepting this award:

You must list seven of your blog posts that fit the categories listed. Then, you share the award with 7 other bloggers.

Most Beautiful: Hmm…my most beautiful post? Like Bridgid, I’m going to cheat and pick a blog page instead! My fashion and publication pages are my favorite. Each time I see my name in the byline, my heart skips a beat. When I’m feeling low on the motivational scale, I come back to those pages and I feel instantly better. A year and half ago, I was still trying to convince myself I could pursue a career as a writer. When I see those pages all I think is, “I can do this.”

Most Helpful: This one is by far the hardest to pick. While there have been tons of authors at The Write Stuff giving publishing advice, the most helpful page for me is my post on, “Why Do Writer’s Write?” In addition to discussing why people pursue writing and the stigma that sometimes comes with it, I included an inspirational Youtube clip I found. It’s the perfect cure for writer’s block!

That being said, I also love when author Janet Skeslien stopped by to give us Key Elements for a Query Letter as well!

Most Popular: One of our most popular posts (that wasn’t a contest!) was the, “2011 Guide to Literary Agents Review.” It’s a must-have guide for all writers.

Most Controversial: After visiting with family over Christmas and disapearing off the Blogosphere world for 3 weeks, I wrote a post, “Back in the Blogosphere,” in which I admitted shamefully to unplugging from the electronic world because I was having so much fun seeing all of my family. Unfortunately due to some of the humor I used, it was taken seriously by a family member. I didn’t mean to ruffle any feathers, the post was just me having fun!

Most Surprisingly Successful: I’d have to say my post on, “Writing a Novel: Down the Slide You Go.” I discussed the stages I went through when I wrote my first novel including how hard the ending was to write. I had become so attached to my characters, I didn’t want to end it. A writer who was having the same exact trouble commented that my post helped shed light on her troubles as well. It made my day.

Most Underrated: Last week when I gave away a 5×7 picture from Paris. I loved this giveaway but not many entered! Maybe it was because it’s only a 5×7 or that it’s just a picture? Or that travel pictures hold more power when we take them ourselves? I know I love decorating with my own pictures…but I also can’t wait to travel to Paris, so I settle for a picture in the meantime 🙂

Most Pride-Worthy: When I landed an interview with 7 famous YA authors all at once!

Here are the 7 bloggers who have given me inspiration as a writer that I’m tagging with the 7×7 award:

Andi Newton

Left Brained by Day, Write-Brained All the Time

Writer, writer, pants on fire

Write Now

Words from the Woods

Words and Such


Thanks for visiting! That being said, I leave you with an inspirational writer recipe I created to remind us all to have fun and to keep pursuing our life’s passion:

A Writer’s Daily Tonic:

4 cups of daily writing

10 cups of tenuous editing

12 lbs of hope

16 cups of pure mind wandering fun

2 oz of practicality and plotting

3 shots of espresso

2 supportive friends

A dash serious business as needed

Weekly Updates + Your Guide to Fashion this Fall!

*Don’t forget we’re giving away 5 Ebook copies of Confessions of a Call Center Gal! Contest runs up to this Sunday.

Pssst! I have your 411 on Fashion Trends this Fall!

5 Sexy Nail Trends: Blue is in

5 Hot Fall Beauty Trends: Go bold this season

15 Sexy Fall Coats: You don’t have to look any less fabulous just because you have to bundle up.

While you’re at it, why don’t you Plan The Perfect Date?

Dating Tips for Men: How to Start Off on the Right Relationship Foot

How Ladies can learn how to be: Single and Loving It

In addition, I learned How to Make Engagement Chicken! Check out how to make a perfect lemon roasted chicken good enough to make any man swoon!

Weekly Updates + Massive Contest Coming this Week!

Tomorrow, we’re giving away 5 Ebook Copies of the fabulous women’s novel, Confessions of a Call Center Gal by Lisa Lim! I’ll have my review + giveaway up tomorrow so stay tuned!

Later this week on my other blog 26 Countries and 1 Kitchen, I’ll get you the 411 on How to Make Engagement Chicken. That’s right. You should email all your girlfriends dying to get their hands on a ring. According to Glamour magazine, their recipe for lemon roasted chicken is one recipe you can’t miss out on. For us, it was the first time we’ve ever cooked a whole chicken. I’ll have all the details on whether or not this recipe was a success or a flop!

I’ll also have a bunch of Fall Beauty articles coming up for Betty Confidential so you can know what’s trendy this fall and what’s not!

Before I sign off…since it’s Monday and we all want something to procrastinate with while we drink our morning latte, here’s my latest from Health Daily Online:

How to Understand Your Partner Better (and the reason behind why most men don’t talk!)

Why You Should Own a Pet (it’s not only good for just your kids!)

Don’t Mind The Little Things (how to take on minor and major frustrations with ease)

Updates + Life Transitions and LipGloss

I have some fabulous news and less fabulous news. Which would you like 1st?

Ok. Let’s take the less than fabulous news.

No contest this week. My husband and I have decided to move back home to Colorado (our long-time home, we both grew up there and have only been away for two years!) to be closer to family. And we both desperately love Colorado :-D. All within the next couple of weeks. I’ve had a couple of fights with the scotch tape and am surrounded by card board boxes as we speak. Sigh. Actually, I’m very excited! OH is just starting to pile on the humidity. For a someone that has curly hair, I have to leave the house while flat ironing my hair as I walk to keep it straight. I won’t miss that….!

It also means we might be putting our cooking blog on hold until we get settled. It’s a little to hard to cook when everything is getting wrapped in bubble wrap!

But I am whiping up a batch of new, exciting author interviews and giveaways so stay tuned!

Ok. Now for the fabulous news.

I started writing beauty and style for a new website, Lipgloss I have two new articles to show for it!

10 Ways to Get Flirty with Fringe Fashion and 5 Must Have Lipglosses for Summer.

And one more new up today: 5 Flirty Summer Scents

I also have 3 new Betty Confidential articles!

10 Fabulous, Fun Nail Products– Nail polish that changes color!

How to Get The Brightest, Healthiest, Sexiest Smile at Home– The best and easiest ways to whiten your teeth all inconvenience of your own home!

10 Glamourous Hair Accessories– Check out these Goody Spin Pin cork screw pins for an easy, professional hair style!

Weekly Fabulous Updates on interviews, giveaways, beauty, and travel…all The Write Stuff!

Susan McBride, Judy Feldman, Marilyn Brant, and Brittany Roshelle

This week, I’m very excited to announce we’re checking back in with award-wining women’s fiction author, Marilyn Brant, and my dear friend whom I met in person at an author event, Wine, Wit, & Lit in St, Louis, MO. Stay tuned later today for your chance to win a signed copy of her latest novel, Friday Mornings at Nine!

At Betty Confidential, I have two new beauty articles to share with you:

15 Ultimate Face and Eye Creams– Roll Back Time. Due to the fact that face/eye cream is normally very expensive I included items for every price point.  My favorite bargain item that yields real results is the new Olay Under Eye Brush.

10 New Fragrances For April– Mesmerizing brand-new scents. Marc Jacobs has a trio of Cocktail Body Splashes out that come in huge, 10 oz bottles, and will last a long time. Did I mention they smell heavenly?

My fragrance article also ended up featured on Yahoo Shine!

Over at 26 Countries and 1 Kitchen, my husband and I tackled our last Russian Dishes:

Learn How to Make Your Own Peeps or Moon Pies!

Husband and Meat Thermometer vs. Wife

The next country up this week that we will attempt to cook: Mongolia

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Fabulous Updates, Upcoming Giveaways, Fashion tips, and Recipes

Now that I’m one year older, let’s get very serious…and talk about your eye shadows. One of the easiest ways you can dress up an outfit or add a little flare is with your eyes. Add a touch of hot pink for you brown eyed girls, a lustrous purple for hazel eyes, some green sparkle for green eyes, or add a smokey effect with brown for the blue eyed ladies out there.

And do so without breaking the bank! Wet n Wild has some fabulous trio colors this season for $2.99 and Physicians Formula has an amazing color palette for $10.99 (can be used dry or wet as liquid gorgeous eye liner). If you’re curious at all check out my article, 15 Bright, Hot, Sexy Eye Shadows For Spring, for lots of information. The only reason I’m sharing this with you is because that’s what friends are for! It’d be criminal not to.

Now that we look fabulous, we can move to to more important matters…

First up, I have an interview with Anna Elliot + Giveaway coming later today. Her writing advice is so good, it almost makes your heart skip a beat just to read it.

*Can you spot anything different in terms of desgin here at The Write Stuff? A certain new icon….to the left that I slaved over whipped right up.

My husband and I have been cooking our tails off over at 26 Countries and 1 shockingly small Kitchen. We made a Meat Pie that turned out awful. We made the mistake of making two. 3 nights of that torture for dinner and I don’t think I’ll touch it ever again! But we also found a Meatball recipe that’s easy and to die for. I got to make my first ever meat cookies from it. We cooked a Maple Sugar Pie that when paired with ice cream, it tastes like heaven. Guess what? It only has 4 ingredients: flour, brown sugar, maple syrup, and heavy cream. C’est Parfait!

We also updated our cooking blog’s design and I’d love it if you took a look there. It was a lot work but fun too. We have a set of forks, knives, and spoons that look like they’re just laying right on the blog. And if you want to know how our Russian Borscht (beet soup) turned out (not red as it should have…shh!), check back later today over there.

It’s My Birthday and I can Blog if I want too…

In lieu of my fabulous birthday, I’m taking off time from blogging here this week! Because it’s my birthday and I can blog if I want too… 😀

I do have a 15 Fabulous Retro Bags and 10 Cutest Flats For Spring article with seriously hot purses and flats at every price point for you to check out.

I also blogged last week about 1 Hit & Run accident and 2 Meat Pies over at 26 Countries and 1 kitchen.

Until Next Week, I leave you with just one of my favorite bday card sayings:

“Exercise is dirrty word. Every time I hear it, I wash my mouth out with a martini. Wishing you all the fun and martinis your heart desires.”

Here’s to thinking about exercise all day and cleansing those awful thoughts with a Raspberry Lemon Drop Martini tonight.