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A Tribute to My Mother



In the last year and a half since I stopped blogging, a lot of changes have happened, some incredible (I became a mom!), others heartbreaking (my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer–after a year of battling it, she passed away last week).

My world was thrown–and I’m not just talking about the crazy pregnancy hormones that made me feel like Goofy for nine months 🙂

I can’t describe the heartache of becoming a parent right as you are losing your parent.

As a tribute to my mother, I picked up the writing pen I dropped when life picked up its pace fast.

Here is the poem I wrote for my beautiful mom, Linda Kumley–who in addition to being my world, always supported my writing career and encouraged me to shoot for my goals. I love you mom!



We knew our mother was not one bound for this world;

She was an angel sent here from God to care and deliver 5 beautiful souls.

Her bouncing babies were her life’s goal; ones whom she poured all of her heart and soul.

She was our pillar, our rock, our universe–our life.

But God did as he does and called her to come back home.

While today we weep, we are the ones who keep.

We keep her memory and life alive.

Because we are what became the rambunctious, creative, analytical, beautiful, famous, and silly Kumley five.

Mom, we love you.

Although we say goodbye today,

we know we will see you again someday.

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