I was a Restaurant and Foodie Reviewer for The Coloradoan, a daily newspaper that serves the cities, Fort Collins, Loveland, and Windsor in northern Colorado. I wined, dined, and profiled local restaurants for in the Entertainment section.

Let me tell you, it was a hard job…but somebody had to check out The Chocolate Cafe and see if the desserts were indeed heavily. I rose to the challenge as a concerned citizen, not beacause I love food…and/or all things chocolate.

I also did not profile Great Harvest Bread due to their reputation for dessert breads that make your mouth water. I was shocked when I confirmed that the rumors were true.

I did unexpectedly fall in love with the local Spoons restaurant.

*If you’d like to check out my articles, simply click on the images to the right for a bigger picture or check out the links below:

Chocolate Cafe should be next on your bucket list

Spoons takes soup and salad to a whole new level

Great Harvest Bread Company is Truly Great

In fact I love food so much, my husband and I started our own blog:

26 Countries and 1 Kitchen

“We’re bringing the world to us instead. The tastes and smells of different countries, minus the jet lag, will be invited and experimented upon with the help of our tiny kitchen. We’ll try 2 new recipes per week and a new country every two weeks. In a year, we’ll have sampled the exotic cuisine of 26 different countries. Our journey will start off as if we’re backpacking through Canada. We’ll continue our journey through Russia, Europe, Africa, South America, Mexico, and end with us back home in the United States this time next year. We’ll share you trials and tribulations with you. We’ll share what recipe’s work for the average dumbstruck American and which one’s turn out disastrous.”

Unfortunately, we got stuck in China and never left. Will be posting articles soon and continuing our journey.

2 thoughts on “Food

  1. Shannon Buck says:

    I have a food blog at I would like to learn more about reviewing restaurants. Sounds like fun.

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