Healthy Living Expert

I’m was a Healthy Living Expert for the website, My section included the subchannels: Family, Sex & Relationships, and Mind & Body.

This health news website is committed to publishing accurate, evidence-based health news and medical content for individuals interested in improving their well being and strengthening their life. I used my background in Health and Social Psychology as well as cutting edge research to offer a fresh, healthy lifestyle for all! Here are just a few of my articles:

How to Stop Yourself from Binge Eating: Put down the donut and walk away.

Which Child is Your Favorite?: Many parents unintentionally favor a child.

Golden First Date Tips: Make a Good Impression

Does Plastic Surgery Equal Beauty?: What do you think?

What Type of Love Do You Have? 

Rid Yourself of Negative Self-Talk: Get that monkey off your back

Teenagers: Explained

Rewire Your Brain and Revamp Your Marriage: So it can last longer than Kim Kardashian’s 72 day marriage.

How to be Single and Loving It

Do Opposites Attract? Is there any hope for Will Ferrell and Maggie Gyllenhaal in real life?

Tips to Relax Your Mind & Body

Boost Your Chances of Conceiving 

Should Your Son Play Violent Video Games? What do researches say?

Safeguard Your Marriage on Facebook

Boost Your Health, Exercise Outside: Green Your Routine!

5 Easy Ways to Make Her Happy: The Female Brain is a complex, strange place

The Male Brain Dissected: Shh! These are trade secrets!

How to Find Happiness!

How to Find Your Dream Job

7 Ways to Tell If He’s Into You: Let’s look at his body language, shall we?

5 Tips for Getting Back Together

How to Deal with Difficult Coworkers!

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