More Publications

I covered the 2013 Neuroscience Education Institute Psychopharmacology Congress Conference in Colorado Springs, CO for three days as a medical journalist for the medical news website: HCPLive. HCPLive is the preeminent destination for physicians, pharmacists, managed care executives, and other healthcare professionals who are looking for tools, techniques, and information that can help them provide better care.

My articles included 3 days of continuous coverage:Untitled1

Day 1:

Major Disasters and the Mental Health Community

Expert Tips for Assessing, Diagnosing, and Managing Bipolar Depression 

Genotyping and the Future of Psychiatric Treatment

Day 2:

The Changing Face of Bipolar Care: Initial Results of the MedRisk Study

Integrating Non-pharmacologic Modalities into Major Depressive Disorder Treatment

Schizophrenia: Crafting a New Approach to Treatment Tolerability

Day 3:

Effective Tools for Dealing with Aggressive and Violent Psychiatric Patients in the Inpatient Setting

Long-Term Treatment of Schizophrenia with Depot Medication

Executive Function Disorder and ADHD

I wrote an article as a Local News Writer and Outdoors Reporter for The Woodman Edition, a weekly newspaper in Colorado Springs, CO. They distribute papers to over 16,000 homes! Feel free to check out my article, 5 Hot Hiking Spots to Hit This 

Summer, page 7.

Enchanted Conversation: A Fairy Tale Journal

My first poem was published in an online Fairy Tale Journal, Enchanted Conversation, for their Beauty and the Beast Issue. My poem, A Modern Tale of Today’s Young Bell, took a modern twist on the story of Beauty.

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