Writer’s don’t always have to write

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOk…so here is the world’s biggest secret: Writer’s don’t always write. Things get in the way, time gets in the way, and generally life!

The trouble with this fact is that writer’s like to tell people that they must write. You must write, always, every day or…the implication is that you won’t be a true writer any more. You’ll get rusty. Your writing will collect dust and then what will you do?

But it’s not true at all. Writing is an art form. A beautiful, awe-inspiring painting of words that will grab the soul of the reader when read. It’s a piece of art. And like most arts, it’s a beauty inside of you that cannot be denied. It’s always waiting to be expressed. And it has no time-limit.

That’s why it doesn’t matter if you don’t write for days, months, or years. If you’re a writer, you will always be one. I don’t care how often you write. Be gentle with yourself and write when you have the time!

Tuesday Writing Inspiration

Boost Your Health, Exercise Outside _06.27.11I thought I’d bring help bring this Tuesday to a close with an awesome writing quote I stumbled upon!

“If writing seems hard, it’s because it is hard. It’s one of the hardest things people do.” – William Zinsser

Being a writer isn’t about being the best writer out there. It all comes down to who gives up and who doesn’t. Those who don’t give up their dream of writing are called authors.

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The Top 3 Reasons Writers Don’t Write


“I love writing!,” they exclaim with the sincerest of eyes. Then, they simply shake their heads and reply, “I just don’t have the time to write now. Eventually I’ll do it.”

Let me tell you friends that time never comes. There is always something more to do. What it comes down to at the end of the day is: Are you saying yes to your dream or no today?

2. You’re what I call “delete key friendly.”

You type down a few words and then, contemplate how stupid they sound, and quickly begin deleting your sentences so you can start fresh again.

You are waiting for your writing to come out perfectly. And that is another classic dream killer. It takes a long time to hone your craft, style, and tone for writing which is why you need to stop using the delete key and just let yourself write.

Forget waiting for it to be perfect. People don’t want that. In fact, the arts of work we love the most are the ones that are gritty, messy, and above all honest. That’s why Catcher in the Rye became so famous and it’s why we loved Eat, Pray, Love.

I used to say writing is like, “Opening your heart, and letting it bleed words on to the page.” And I still believe so. You can clean it up with a bucket of bleach and a grammar mop later. Just write from your heart because that’s what we want to hear.

3. You’re scared.

Someone may not like your writing. Your 1st book may not sell. Well, I’ll I can say after interviewing a ton of authors and agents and watching my writing friends who were just once bloggers, become authors—welcome to our club! That first book could suck. But you know what, I bet your second will be damn good because of how much you learned the first time around. And the same goes for popularity. That will come with time.

My favorite example of this is Sophie Kensilla. Did you know that her real name is actually Madeleine Wickham? She published several books under her true name before her true classic Sophie style blossomed into an international bestseller. Because all of it takes time and there is no shame in putting your writing out there. Someone will love it.

And once you feel like you’ve really hit your stride, you can change your name too like Sophie did. So what are you waiting for??!

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Write Bravely

Now that I am supporting a family–I’m a working gal by day outside the house, mommy by afternoon and early night, it is a struggle to squeeze in time to write. I came across this AMAZING inspirational quote/image.

It’s now my screen saver!


A Tribute to My Mother



In the last year and a half since I stopped blogging, a lot of changes have happened, some incredible (I became a mom!), others heartbreaking (my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer–after a year of battling it, she passed away last week).

My world was thrown–and I’m not just talking about the crazy pregnancy hormones that made me feel like Goofy for nine months 🙂

I can’t describe the heartache of becoming a parent right as you are losing your parent.

As a tribute to my mother, I picked up the writing pen I dropped when life picked up its pace fast.

Here is the poem I wrote for my beautiful mom, Linda Kumley–who in addition to being my world, always supported my writing career and encouraged me to shoot for my goals. I love you mom!



We knew our mother was not one bound for this world;

She was an angel sent here from God to care and deliver 5 beautiful souls.

Her bouncing babies were her life’s goal; ones whom she poured all of her heart and soul.

She was our pillar, our rock, our universe–our life.

But God did as he does and called her to come back home.

While today we weep, we are the ones who keep.

We keep her memory and life alive.

Because we are what became the rambunctious, creative, analytical, beautiful, famous, and silly Kumley five.

Mom, we love you.

Although we say goodbye today,

we know we will see you again someday.

Why do you write?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe other day, I came across a book titled, “Why We Write.” For the first time in months, the writing part of myself emerged from a long and lengthy slumber. This is the first chapter I laid my eyes on:

“I write because it’s all know how to do. Writing is my anchor and my purpose. My life is informed by writing, whether the work is going well or I’m stuck in a hell of writer’s block,” states author Sue Grafton (page 52). She continues, “Most days when I sit down at my computer, I’m scared half out of my mind… Writer’s block is a subject I’ve given a lot of thought to, since I came up against it so often. I used to try to power through, overwriting the block by sheer force of will. Now look at it differently. I see writer’s block is a message…informing me that I’m off track. The “block” is the byproduct of the faulty choices I’ve made.”

My job is to back up and see if I can pinpoint the fork in the road where I headed in the wrong direction. Sometimes I’ve misunderstood a character or his or her motivation. Sometimes I’ve laid out events in a sequence that muddies the storyline. Usually I don’t have to retrace my steps more than a chapter or two, and the error is easily corrected.”

It was then that I realized just how much I had missed writing. I had done what many writers do. I let life and its many sidetracks take over my main focus and I let writing slip to the back burner.

To break the stalemate I’ve been on, I’m doing what any good writer does: writes. That’s the simplle goal of my post today. However, I’d also like to encourage any other writers out there who have been feeling their passion slip to remind themselves of why they write.

Maran, M. (ed). (2013). Why we write. New York: Penguin Books.

Thinking About Creativity in a New Way

I think one of the biggest problems surrounding writing is fear. Fear that your writing is crap. Fear that others will agree that your writing is crap. Fear that you can’t be a successful writer. Fear that other people will read your stories. Fear that no one will ever read your stories. Fear that you have no idea what you’re doing. Fear that there are writers out there better than you.

This fear is what keeps most people from jumping into the writing world.

While I’ve been wondering this, a family member recently pointed me to this amazing video of New York Best Selling Author Elizabeth Gilbert of the book, Eat, Pray, Love.

It was within couple minutes of watching that I quickly realized this is a video every writer should see.

In it, Elizabeth discusses the burden we place on those of us who do something creatively and the fear that follows such professions. She also shares what she’s learned from researching creativity through the ages.

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Literary Agent Interview: Melissa Flashman

My second interview for the Guide to Literary Agents blog over at Writer’s Digest is up!

I interviewed the wonderful literary agent, Melissa Flashman of Trident Media Group, LLC.

If you’re in the market of writing nonfiction and YA and you’re wondering:

What makes a great nonfiction query?

What’s are some of the biggest query pet peeves?

Then, this is one interview you should check out!

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Your Healthy Living Update


There has been a lot of media attention lately on Attachment Parenting. But do you know what that is? If not, check out The Principles of Attachment Parenting.

Tired of your teenager being surly? Here are a few tips on How to Convince Your Teen to Smile!

Mind & Body

What do you have on your Bucket List? Is there a chance you’re missing something vitally important? Something that’s not a destination but rather a happier way to live your life? Tips for Creating Your Bucket List.

Can Rejection Lead to Greater Creativity? Do challenges propel you to succeed? An in-depth look at a study conducted at Harvard University on Creativity.

Sex & Relationships

Saying ‘I Love You’ First can be awkward. Here are a few tips to get your through it!

You’re single and happy and you can’t seem to convince anyone of it. Are You Affected by Singlism?

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Dolly: Winner of the Ebook Double Dipping

Congratulations Dollyj007!

You’ve won a pdf copy of Double Dipping by Marilyn Brant! I’ve sent an email to you. Please send back an email of acknowledgment to receive your prize! If for some reason you did not receive the email, simply comment below and I will resend it. Thank you so much for your comment and for your support of this website! A HUGE thanks to everyone who commented!